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Black Ops Cold War: Search and Destroy Getting Final Killcam Back

After a number of player complaints, it appears that Black Ops Cold War’s Search and Destroy mode is getting its Final Killcam back.

Search and Destroy is one of the Call of Duty series’ most iconic modes. With two teams competing to plant a bomb or defend the bomb sites, players only have a single life to complete their objective.

What’s more, there are no Killcams to view after you die, for fear of giving away an enemy’s position. It’s a very different mode that players either love or hate.

But even those who love Search and Destroy will notice one major difference in Black Ops Cold War. That is, the game no longer has Final Killcams, being instead replaced with a Best Play.

Black Ops Cold War Search and Destroy Final Killcam
(Source: Activision)

This means that the nailbiting finishes of Search and Destroy history are sometimes no longer visible to all players. Instead, someone nabbing a double kill earlier in the game will be presented, to the disappointment of all.

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Thankfully, it seems things are about to change for Cold War fans.

Black Ops Cold War Search & Destroy Final Killcam Returning

Twitter user TheMW2Ghost said it best when they wrote about Treyarch killing the Search and Destroy vibe. According to the fan, they used to play the game mode simply to get “an insane random cross map tomahawk” for the Final Killcam.

Now that there’s no incentive to play, Search and Destroy has lost its appeal to this gamer. However, Treyarch is now confirming that Black Ops Cold War’s Search and Destroy final Killcam will return.

In a response to TheMW2Ghost, Lead Game Designer Matt Scronce confirms that the Final Killcam will return. However, it may be slightly different from what longtime players remember.

According to the Treyarch Designer, a hybrid system will combine Best Play and Final Killcam. The system will select a clip to show players, based on what ends the round.

This is great news for the Call of Duty community, but they’ll have to wait for it to be implemented before celebrating. Right now, there’s no ETA on the Final Killcam returning to Cold War’s Search and Destroy.

However, when Treyarch gets back from its holiday break, perhaps Matt Scronce will be able to deliver further updates.

Unfortunately, while Treyarch is away, the Black Ops Cold War servers are having severe issues. This is particularly frustrating for those trying to enjoy Cold War’s New Year Double XP event.

Now that servers appear to be coming back online, here’s how to unlock Black Ops Cold War’s new sledgehammer fast. The newest update for Cold War also adds a new Operator to the game.

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