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Black Ops Cold War Players Are Reverse Boosting To Protest SBMM

Thousands of players appear to be reverse boosting in Black Ops Cold War to protest Activision’s SBMM implementation.

SBMM is a controversial subject in the Call of Duty community. For those unaware, Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) is the process in which players are grouped with others of their skill level.

The idea behind the feature is to protect casual Black Ops Cold War players from those with a talent for the game. It also ensures that better players go up exclusively against those at their level.

But here lies the issue of high-level games becoming less fun. With every player forced to run the most meta builds and play optimally at all times, it sucks some of the enjoyment from the experience.

black ops cold war reverse boosting sbmm
(Source: Treyarch)

Although Activision is aware of SBMM, it appears that the company is unwilling to change it. This is likely because casual players likely drive the series’ sales, as well as microtransaction purchases.

In case you haven’t seen just how severe SBMM is in this game, you’d be surprised by how impactful the feature can be. After all, SBMM makes a major difference in Black Ops Cold War.

UPDATE: The Truth of Black Ops Cold War’s SBMM Revealed

Entire Lobbies Are Reverse Boosting in Black Ops Cold War

According to Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson, lobbies are becoming increasingly filled with reverse boosting players in a protest against SBMM. After lowering their SBMM levels, Henderson and a friend went into some low-rank lobbies and showed off just how impactful this can be.

Because players are able to trick the game into believing they’re worse than they actually are, high-skill players are infiltrating easy lobbies and racking up the kills. Henderson’s final score is over 9,000 points, with 77 eliminations to 32 deaths.

As for their partner in crime, the player Wizzo almost reached 30,000 and earned the Nuclear award. Unquestionably, SBMM is now ruining the experience, even for the casual players.

But that’s exactly what the reverse boosting players have in mind. Many users want the SBMM feature removed completely, despite it being present to some capacity throughout the series’ history.

During yesterday’s Call of Duty Endowment Bowl stream, anti-SBMM protests were more than a little frequent. As you can see in the following clip, almost every commenter is calling on Activision to remove SBMM.

Reverse Boosting to Protest SBMM

Players are also taking to Twitter in protest of Skill-Based Matchmaking in Black Ops Cold War. After rallying by YouTuber ChainFeeds, many users are voicing their opinions on social media.

With the hashtag #FSBMM trending (we’ll let you guess what the F stands for), players are showing their anger over the feature’s implementation.

Besides posting on Twitter, the users promise to spend no further money in-game. What’s more, they will be reverse boosting to protest Black Ops Cold War’s SBMM.

But ChainFeeds isn’t the only YouTuber to reverse boost in the latest Call of Duty title. In fact, big names such as DrDisrespect also reverse boost in Black Ops Cold War.

Here’s how to reverse boost in Black Ops Cold War, in case you’re interested in seeing how it works for yourself. Whether or not Activision will respond to the protest, we’ll have to wait and see.

If history is anything to go on, we imagine that the company will continue to ignore demands until they go away. Considering how successful Black Ops Cold War has been so far, the publisher is unlikely to want to shake things up in such a major way.

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