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Black Ops Cold War Ranked Play – Everything We Know So Far

After the controversy surrounding SBMM reaches new heights, here’s everything we know about Black Ops Cold War’s upcoming ranked play.

Black Ops Cold War and controversy are two things that simply go hand in hand. However, since discussion of SBMM entered the scene, tensions have been at an all-time high.

Skill-Based Matchmaking is a function that tries to bring players of the same skill levels together. New Black Ops Cold War owners will be protected from high-skill players, and those better at the game will face enemies at a similar level.

Black Ops Cold War Ranked Play
(Source: Treyarch)

Of course, this leads to high-rank players being put into difficult matches again and again, which can be mentally draining. Sometimes, fans just want to relax and play a game without giving 100% every time.

That’s why many Black Ops Cold War players are reverse boosting to protest SBMM. Knowing exactly how to lower your SBMM in Black Ops Cold War allows fans to enjoy a more relaxed game again.

But this wouldn’t be the case if Black Ops Cold War had its ranked play ready to go at launch.

Black Ops Cold War Ranked Mode

Having a ranked playlist for Cold War would allow Activision to give hardcore players a place to compete with one another. It would also allow the publisher to tone down the SBMM in casual gameplay, leading to mixed skill lobbies.

What a lot of people don’t know is that a Black Ops Cold War ranked mode does actually appear to be on the way. There are more than a few pieces of evidence to justify this claim, and the first comes from notable leaker Tom Henderson.

The Call of Duty insider is known for leaking features early and has been responsible for many early looks at Black Ops Cold War Season 1.

In a tweet from back in September, Henderson confirms the existence of a ranked mode for Black Ops Cold War. Of course, seeing as the game launched without one, that would suggest that a ranked mode is still in development.

Further evidence for this heavily-requested ranked play option comes directly from Treyarch’s Game Director David Vonderhaar.

First of all, before the game’s Beta, Vonderhaar talked about the possibility of ranked play in Black Ops Cold War. In an interview with Twitch streamer GoldGlove, the Director had this to say:

“Do you know a Black Ops game without some competitive – without a hardcore competitive agenda?”

But this isn’t the only time that Vonderhaar has referenced adding a ranked mode to Black Ops Cold War.

Treyarch Confirms That Cold War Ranked Play Is in Development

After the game finally launched, Call of Duty World Champion Scump criticized the title’s lack of a ranked playlist. However, David Vonderhaar was quick to respond.

Replying to a tweet stating that a ranked playlist should be a staple of every Call of Duty, Vonderhaar seems annoyed at the pro player’s attitude.

Instead, the Director tells the World Champion to be grateful for “all the hard-working men and women trying to give us a ranked playlist.” This statement appears to confirm that Treyarch is in production of a Call of Duty ranked mode.

In a follow-up tweet, Vonderhaar even claims that his crew is on Scump’s side, and they will deliver.

We now know exactly how much difference SBMM can make in Black Ops Cold War. If the addition of a ranked playlist means that the matchmaking system gets the changes it deserves, we’re all for it.

After all, a new analysis has discovered the truth behind Black Ops Cold War’s SBMM and players are not happy with the current status quo.

However, it seems equally likely that a Black Ops Cold War ranked mode will appear but make no change to the standard SBMM-heavy casual lobbies. If this is the case, it would certainly seem like Treyarch has missed the point of the ranked mode entirely.

With Black Ops Cold War players wanting SBMM changed more than any other issue, the developer doesn’t have long to keep its fans invested.

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