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Black Ops Cold War Player Somehow Prestiges With No Kills

Find out how this Cold War player managed to Prestige with zero kills.

Call of Duty isn’t exactly a game you would associate with pacifism. However, this player has managed to Prestige without getting a single kill.

Call of Duty rewards players with XP when they get kills or complete objectives in certain modes.

In Cold War, players can prestige when they reach level 55. However, this must be the first case of a player ever reaching Prestige with no kills at all.

For more info, check out our guide on how to Prestige in Black Ops Cold War.

How to Prestige in Cold War with No Kills

Reddit user Pilgore1 somehow managed to Prestige without getting a single kill.

It took a grand total of 200 games over 37 hours to get the Prestige in Cold War. Surely he was tempted to kill someone during that time?

The way he did this was fairly simple. Pilgore1 played every game just going for objectives and destroying scorestreaks.

He might also have something else to destroy soon if this Cold War glitch has leaked a potential new scorestreak.

Cold War No Kill Prestige Record
Pilgore1 Reddit

To help with this scorestreak destroying aim, Pilgore1 used a specific loadout. He used LMGs with the Cavalry Lancer barrel to get the most damage he could on flying streaks like Spy Planes and Attack Helicopters.

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He then also selected some perks to complement this playstyle and secure the pacifist Prestige in Cold War. Cold Blooded stopped scorestreaks from targeting him while Engineer helped him track down scorestreaks to destroy.

When capturing objectives like in Domination or Hardpoint, Pilgore1 said he just “threw his body down” to get the score but didn’t try to get any objective kills.

The Cold War pacifist even ended his journey to Prestige with a positive win record. His final record showed that he won 102 and lost only 83. Maybe peace isn’t such a bad tactic after all.

If you’re not still convinced by the peaceful way to play Cold War, why not take a leaf out of this player’s book? This is maybe the most amazing Cold War sniping spree ever.

Here’s another strange story about destroying scorestreaks. This Black Ops Cold War player destroyed a Gunship with Semtex.

There might also be fewer guns in Warzone if they listen to the demands of the players. Warzone players are demanding to remove all Cold War guns from the game.

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