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Treyarch Responds to Black Ops Cold War Players Not Getting Their Weapon Camos

One of Black Ops Cold War’s biggest issues is its buggy nature. Now, in the latest of many glitches to come to the game, Cold War players are not getting the weapon camos that they’ve earned.

If you’ve been working hard to unlock your Black Ops Cold War weapon camos, you’re not the only one. Some players have been grinding out the unlock since launch day and are finding major issues with the game.

It seems that even after completing all weapon challenges, some guns are simply refusing to unlock their camos. Other players are reporting that they managed to unlock the Gold or Diamond mastery camos, only to find the custom appearance locked again the next time they log in.

Dark Aether Weapon Camo Unlock Issue
(Source: Treyarch)

This is making it almost impossible to unlock Black Ops Cold War’s Dark Aether Camo.

Black Ops Cold War Weapon Camos Not Unlocking Issue

Posting to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit, Reddit user lulatheq shows off their unlocks for the RPD. Despite having all prior camos unlocked, the weapon refuses to allow the gamer access to the Gold camo.

What’s more, since they’ve not got access to Gold in this weapon, they’re also not allowed the Diamond camo that they’ve earned. This is a tremendous amount of effort to spend, with no reward for their time.

And it appears that the issue is far from exclusive either, as many users report similar problems. One Cold War fan went as far as contacting Activision support earlier this week, only to be told that they needed to get their War Machine to gold in order to unlock the diamond camos.

For those unaware, this grenade launcher is one of Cold War’s best Scorestreaks, and therefore cannot be equipped as part of a class. It’s clear that the publisher’s customer support has no clue about its own products.

(Source: Reddit)

However, Treyarch may have a fix on the way that should resolve the Cold War weapon camo issues altogether.

Treyarch Promises a Fix to Cold War Camo Issues

In a new response from Josh Torres, the Black Ops Cold War Community Manager, the user assures fans that a fix is coming. According to Torres, Treyarch is aware of the Black Ops Cold War weapon camo issues.

“Hi All – We’re aware of this issue and have a fix scheduled for a later date,” the Community Manager writes. “We’ve also included it on our Trello board.”

Black ops Cold War Weapon Camo
(Source: Treyarch)

Alongside this fix, several other problems appear on the site, where Treyarch displays its known issues. It seems that a fix is coming shortly, likely scheduled alongside the Cold War Season 1 update.

It’s a shame that the developer doesn’t appear to have picked up on the new bug that makes a Cold War player’s legs run away without their body.

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