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Black Ops Cold War Players Hate the Game’s Poor Visibility

One of the biggest issues in Black Ops Cold War is its visibility – or lack thereof. Now, Cold War players are complaining about poor visibility more than any other issue.

Ever since the game’s Open Beta, thousands of players have taken issue with the poor visibility in Black Ops Cold War. In particular, on maps like Satellite, players find themselves being killed by enemies that should have been clear as day in front of them.

Cold War Multiplayer
(Source: Treyarch)

From experience, we’ve even encountered moments like these ourselves. Due to the game’s appearance and its colors, it’s easier than you’d expect to sweep a room and still miss that enemy in the corner.

Black Ops Cold War’s Poor Visibility Is Getting Players Killed

Now, a new image posted on Reddit is drawing some major discussion as to just how poor the game’s visibility really is. Black Op Cold War player Klubhead shows off the screenshot below.

(Source: Reddit)

In the above image, an enemy is aiming at the player. In fact, Klubhead is about to die to incoming fire in the next few seconds.

But despite this fact, only the most eagle-eyed of players will be able to spot the enemy coming. Take another look at the image and see if you can tell where the enemy is standing.

If you think you’ve got it, here’s what happened next:

Even knowing where the enemy is hiding, it’s still incredibly hard to pick them out from the background.

Another Reddit post made in the last few hours also complains about the game’s visibility. This time, user Lassie_Maven states that they can see a player on a UAV, be looking directly at them, and still find it difficult to pick them out on the screen.

How to Fix Visibility in Black Ops Cold War

According to players, there is a fix for Black Ops Cold War’s poor visibility. It’s not perfect, but it’s going to help you see enemies that normally may go unnoticed.

Several Cold War fans state that using the flashlight attachment is remarkably helpful for spotting enemies. The weapon attachment makes picking out enemies easier, even at long range.

Another thing that could give you a better chance to see incoming enemies is altering your FOV. Although you mostly want to run Black Ops Cold War’s best settings, dialing the FOV to 85-90 will mean you’re able to better focus on the screen.

Black Ops Cold War Flashlight fix visibility
(Source: Treyarch)

Also found in our best settings guide are the instructions to add a brighter color to enemy nameplates. This handy tip will help you differentiate between players and the game’s backgrounds.

With the Nuketown map and free weapon bundle about to drop, Black Ops Cold War is getting its first post-game content update. Of course, Treyarch is working hard to balance the game’s gunplay too.

Just recently, the Black Ops Cold War MP5 nerf finally arrived. If only the developer could buff the visibility a bit, the game would be in a good place.

This isn’t the only issue with the new Call of Duty, however. In fact, we speculate that players still want Black Ops Cold War Skill-Based Matchmaking fixed more than any other issue.

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