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Black Ops Cold War Players Already Hate League Play

Black Ops Cold War League Play has finally arrived, and already players are finding the new competitive side very underwhelming. Call of Duty fans are not impressed so far.

Cold War remains a popular Call of Duty title, however, the recent addition of League Play has been met with some criticism from fans. Unfortunately, players think there is an abundance of oversights.

If you want to know exactly how Black Ops Cold War’s League Play works, you can check out the details here. It’s also worth noting that there will likely be some adjustments to League Play in the near future.

Black Ops Cold War League Play Is Terrible

League Play has finally come to Black Ops Cold War, however, it isn’t everything players thought it would be. In fact, it appears to be a bit of a mess so far.

Players are already criticizing the brand-new game mode arguing that it is poorly thought out, underwhelming, and generally disappointing.

Furthermore, according to players, there are limited features that do absolutely nothing to represent Black Ops’ pro-level players. Overall it seems that Treyarch has missed the mark.

It is surprising that the Call of Duty franchise has never really had a proper competitive focus. It is an aspect of shooters that players greatly enjoy and Black Ops fans have been waiting for League Play for months.

Cold War League Play
Cold War League Play

Sadly, Black Ops Cold War League Play is lacking. Competitive play may not be properly implemented because of proper balancing issues. Most recently players have called for certain buffs.

Similarly, there are also overpowered weapon combinations in Cold War that are slow to be fixed. Overall it shows that Treyarch’s focus is rushing content rather than improving the game itself.

There are also instances of bad communication with Cold War. A number of stealth changes have been implemented in the latest patch, that directly impact how the game is played, with no comments from Treyarch.

Furthermore, recently there have been some major Black Ops Cold War gun stealth changes, which have not been mentioned in any patch notes. It is this poor communication and lack of clarity that hurts the game for fans.

It is safe to say that Black Ops League Play is definitely not what fans were expecting.

Black Ops Cold War League Play Problems

It’s safe to say, the response to Black Ops Cold War League Play has been very negative. Sadly, it does very little to represent the pro-level of COD players.

You can see some of the reactions from pro-players regarding the new update. Some have even completely given up on the idea of Cold War having a fulfilling Ranked System.

(Source: Twitter)

Right off the bat, popular COD player Hitch describes his experience as “OK”. This isn’t a particularly glowing response to Black Ops’ League Play considering this should be an exciting time.

Hitch goes on to mention that he hopes there is “some sort of longevity behind it”. However, this rocky start is not a good sign for the future of competitive Call of Duty.

If Treyarch can improve the League Play experience, players may be more invested. David Vonderhaar has responded to complaints from angry fans regarding Cold War’s League play, which is a start.

There are other issues too, such as a general lack of understanding from Treyarch in the kinds of equipment that pro-level players use.

In League Play there are equipment and killstreaks that are simply not utilized by pro-players. This shows that Treyarch doesn’t understand their competitive demographic.

Some of the equipment for example includes the RC-XD killstreak, which is simply not seen in competitive Call of Duty matches. Therefore Treyarch’s decision to include it speaks to their lack of understanding.

Cold War League Play Ranking System

Cold War’s Ranking System has also led to some confusion from fans. The Skill Division system does not make a lot of sense and appears to be rushed.

You can take a look at the different Cold War Skill Divisions here. You should be able to see that the “Competitor” division represents the bottom 50% of players.

Interestingly, however, there is no representation for the bracket between the top 20% and the top 50%. This seems like a clear oversight but is something that could be easily implemented at a later date.

There have also been complaints regarding loadouts and the restrictions that have been put in place for competitive Black Ops. One user has pointed out the ridiculousness of what weapons and equipment are still allowed:

(Source: Reddit)

As you can see, one Reddit user voices his concerns that this has been seen before in other COD titles. Treyarch has not learned from their mistake and currently, Black Ops’ League Play loadout choices are uninteresting.

Whatever your thoughts are on the new League Play system, a recent Black Ops Cold War Season 2 leak has revealed new weapons coming to the game.

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For more information on Black Ops Cold War League Play, you can check out Treyarch’s official website here.

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