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Black Ops Cold War Player Offered 2 XP Tokens By Activision Support After Account Wipe

After losing everything in a random account wipe, one Black Ops Cold War player was offered a couple of double XP tokens by Activision Support.

There’s not being helpful, and then there’s offering a player a couple of XP tokens after their entire account resets. Activision Support appears to be taking the latter route.

Black Ops Cold War player LlamaGaming1127 recently posted to Reddit about an issue with their account. According to the user, after spending over 100 hours grinding weapon camos in Cold War Zombies, their account was mysteriously wiped.

Black Ops Cold War Player Activision Support
(Source: Activision)

Upon discovering their new, empty account, devoid of their hard-earned Gold and Diamond Mastery camos, the player reached out to Activision Support for help.

Activision Support Offers Little Help to Black Ops Cold War Player

Unfortunately, Activision Support isn’t able to help the struggling Cold War player. After reportedly waiting for 3 hours to contact a Support Agent, the Activision rep isn’t able to offer much to help the situation.

It seems that Activision is capable of restoring lost unlocks to an account, but only if you have picture evidence of having unlocked the items. Since the user had no proof of having the Diamond camos, they are now being told to start the grind from day one.

However, the Activision Support rep was able to offer one small assistance, in the form of 2 double XP tokens. Unfortunately, these tokens last for a maximum of an hour or two.

Because of this, the player believes that the Support Agent has been next to no help whatsoever.

In a Reddit discussion, the Black Ops Cold War user claims that they’ll be seeking a refund next. From what we can see, they’re very unhappy with their treatment in this case.

Black Ops Cold War account wiped activision support
(Source: Reddit)

We recommend that all Black Ops Cold War fans save regular screenshots of unlocks you want to keep. Should this issue affects you too, it’s best to prepare ahead of time.

There doesn’t seem to be any reason why the user’s account wiped clean, which could mean it’s a random occurrence.

This isn’t the first issue we’ve seen involving Cold War’s weapon camos, however. In fact, there’s a new way to fix Black Ops Cold War weapon camos not unlocking, from just last week.

And if you’re looking for the fastest way to get your Plague Diamond launchers camos, we’ve got you covered.

Not all players like the Cold War Zombies weapon camos though. In fact, many Black Ops Cold War players hate the Dark Aether weapon camo, making grinding in Zombies mode futile.

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