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Black Ops Cold War Played Early Due To Bug

Some Xbox One players reported they played Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War early due to a bug.

Treyarch and Activision announced players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 could pre-load the game to their consoles days before November 13 release. However, the developer and publisher did not intend for players to be able to play the game until release day.

Xbox One players reported they played the offline multiplayer mode against bots early via the digital version of the game. They then had to turn the ethernet and WiFi capabilities off on their Xbox One. PlayStation 4 players seemed to be out of luck as the bug only worked on Xbox One.

Offline multiplayer with bots returns

This leak confirms, Black Ops Cold War will have an offline 'bot' multiplayer mode.

Playing offline with bots is a feature in every COD since the original Black Ops for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Treyarch continues the tradition of including bots in offline multiplayer for those who do not play online.

Players reported that the Zombies and Campaign modes are disabled until launch day, but offline multiplayer with bots worked. Despite some being able to play early, no reports of the maps, weapons, or attachments available surfaced.

Microsoft quickly patched the bug following multiple tweets and videos published online about the bug.

Treyarch is clearly going back to its roots, further supported with the decision to pull on nostalgia by bringing back original Black Ops Soundtracks.

Those who missed out on the bug will have to wait until November 13 to get their hands on Cold War and all of its expected features.

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