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Black Ops Cold War Fan Comes Up With the Perfect Flak Jacket Nerf

In Black Ops Cold War, the Flak Jacket Perk is far too overpowered – here’s the perfect nerf to balance it for good.

Despite being 3 months into the game’s lifespan, Black Ops Cold War still has some major balance issues.

Some guns have been way too powerful, others are far too weak to bother with. But there’s one loadout essential that’s completely broken in-game.

The Flak Jacket Perk has always been seen as an essential pick, due to its insane protective power against explosives. Flak Jacket is meant to reduce all incoming explosive damage, and it does that a little too well.

Black Ops Cold War flak jacket perk too powerful
(Source: Activision)

In fact, in the past, Flak Jacket has made Cold War players completely invincible.

Players can take direct hits from RPGs when using Flak Jacket, and completely ignore incoming grenades when on the objective. Now, one Cold War fan has come up with the perfect nerf to bring Flak Jacket back in line with the other Perks.

How to Nerf Flak Jacket in Black Ops Cold War

In a new post discussing the perfect nerf to Flak Jacket in Black Ops Cold War, Reddit user Goldenpanda18 volunteers a great idea.

Right now, thanks to the powerful Trophy System Field Upgrade and the overpowered nature of Flak Jacket, explosives aren’t as good as they should be.

Therefore, the Reddit user believes that Flak Jacket should get a nerf to work just like Armor.

“I think Flak Jacket should be a explosive protection shield instead of its current unlimited protection,” Goldenpanda18 writes.

Black Ops Cold War Flak Jacket Perk
(Source: Activision)

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The user would prefer that the Perk acts like one-time protection from explosives, with the shield then breaking against subsequent damage. However, while many players agree, one user points out something important to consider.

“Nerfing Flak Jacket discourages playing the objectives. If you’re not playing the objective, Flak Jacket barely matters,” the commenter states. “Besides people who want an easier time camo grinding, no one would actually want this. They’ll run into M79’s and would immediately want to revert it”

It’s true that a game with even fewer Objective players than Cold War is certainly not something we’d like to see. After all, Black Ops Cold War’s scoring system is already broken.

Without a doubt, Flak Jacket desperately needs a nerf in Black Ops Cold War. Whether or not Treyarch will choose to implement a solution like this, remains to be seen.

But with all the new weapons coming to Cold War Season 2, perhaps the developer will have other balance issues to prioritize. Check out the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 2 release date trailer here!

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