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Black Ops Cold War Nuke Voice Lines Leak Ahead of Warzone Event

Before Warzone's upcoming Nuke event even arrives, players are discovering a range of voice lines on Black Ops Cold War Operators that reference the explosion.

One of Black Ops Cold War's biggest flaws is that it never implemented a Tactical Nuke, despite the game-ending event being popular in past games.

But now that it looks as though a Nuke is coming to battle royale title Warzone, Cold War Operators are gearing up with some interesting voice lines.

nuke Black Ops Cold War warzone
(Source: Activision)

If you've not seen it yet, it looks like Warzone is getting a new Plague Mode, with Zombies and a Nuke involved.

After that, Verdansk will be destroyed for good - and it's never coming back.

As sad as this is, the new Warzone map layout looks great, and we're excited to make the switch soon.

Black Ops Cold War Operators Have Nuke Voice Lines

Despite a Nuke not being present in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer, it seems that the game's Operators are prepared for one - with their own voice lines.

When randomizing the Operators tab in Modern Warfare, players can actually enter the game as a Cold War soldier. And doing so will allow you to hear some interesting voice lines that are unique to the older game.

In a new upload to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit, user Reddit0r69420 shows off some of the voice lines that play when Cold War Operators drop a Nuke.

Black Ops Cold War operators
(Source: Activision)

Despite there being no in-game Nuke to use, Cold War Operators can call one in with unique voice lines.

This is making fans suspicious that the End of Verdansk event will feature Warzone players using Nukes of their own.

However, there's another explanation to consider. Perhaps at one point, Black Ops Cold War Operators were going to be usable in Modern Warfare.

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This is further evidenced by the fact that Cold War Operators also have voice lines for killstreaks such as Modern Warfare's Wheelson.

Whether we see these lines used in Warzone for the Nuke event or not, it's certainly interesting that they're there. After all, other Warzone Nuke event teases have been in the battle royale from launch!

A new Warzone leak suggests that the next map will feature an increased player count and more POIs. As if 150 players wasn't enough to compete with, things may be ramping up in the new location.

Now we're even getting teases for Call of Duty 2021 inside Black Ops Cold War. Despite a new COD being months away, Activision is always thinking ahead with this franchise.

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