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Black Ops Cold War New Zombies Map Leaks a Vietnam Setting

One of Black Ops Cold War’s most heavily-requested features is a new Zombies map to accompany Die Maschine. Now, it seems that Cold War Zombies fans might be getting a new map set in Vietnam.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War desperately lacks content. With regards to its Zombies mode especially, this is the least Zombies content a Treyarch title has launched with since World at War.

However, more Zombies gameplay is coming very soon, and new leaks suggest that a Vietnam map is already in the works. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Zombies content and what it entails:

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Zombies Updates

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Key Art
(Source: Treyarch)

With the release of Black Ops Cold War Season 1 on December 16, Treyarch has told players to expect more from the Zombies mode. We know that more maps and content is on its way, releasing alongside the new season.

Prior to the release of Cold War, one extensive leak revealed tons of new information about the upcoming Zombies mode. This included all Perks, storyline details, returning weapons, and more.

UPDATE: Treyarch has confirmed a new Zombies map for Black Ops Cold War Season 2.

However, the leak also stated that there would be 3 maps for Cold War Zombies at launch. The first was Die Maschine, the second Firebase Z, and the third was a Nacht Der Untoten survival map.

As many players will know, the original World at War Nacht Der Untoten can be found inside Die Maschine, but this leak specifically mentioned a standalone survival map.

In a cut content leak by The CheeseBurger Boys, the leakers detailed changes to the final game when compared to playtesters’ experiences. In this thread, the leakers report that completing the Die Maschine main quest originally led to players spawning into a separate Nacht Der Untoten survival map.

Now multiple prominent Call of Duty Zombies players believe that this map will be coming as part of the Season 1 update. It’s not the brand-new map many players were hopeful for, but it’s new content nonetheless.

New Black Ops Cold War Zombies Map Set in Vietnam

As for an actual new Zombies map, we’ve got a good idea of what to expect here. Firebase Z is set to be an old American firebase, set in the depths of Vietnam.

In fact, this firebase sounds very similar to the location seen in various points of the game’s campaign. Further evidence that suggests that the firebase will soon be welcoming Zombies comes from YouTuber Declan Hillman.

In a new video, Hillman’s campaign mission glitched out and allowed the user to explore the whole firebase map. In the footage, we can even see assets from the Shi No Numa Zombies map present in the firebase.

Just like Die Maschine uses Nacht Der Untoten as a jumping-off point, it appears that Firebase Z will use parts of Shi No Numa as well. As for when the map will be coming, a new leak from Tom Henderson appears to hold a clue.

The renowned Call of Duty leaker discredits rumors of a ‘new Zombies map’ being just around the corner. Instead, Henderson believes that a full new experience is more likely to arrive around February.

This timeline checks out, as it places the new Zombies map release at around the same time as Black Ops Cold War Season 2. This could mean that while Treyarch releases Nacht Der Untoten with Season 1, Cold War Season 2 will bring the new Zombies experience that we’ve been expecting.

This is quite the wait, and it’s sure to annoy many players, having to wait so long for a major content drop. Zombies players already feel like less of a priority after Treyarch broke the Cold War Zombies weapon XP.

More Vietnam Map Evidence

But a new big piece of evidence has just dropped that might shake things up a bit. A leaked document circling online states that a new dimensional gateway is confirmed to be in Vietnam.

It appears that the Russians will be getting to this rift first and are setting up a KGB-Spetsnaz Omega Group facility outside Khe Sanh. Construction begins on November 11, which is incidentally the second day of Season 1.

However, before fans get their hopes up too much, the report goes on to state that the “first full report” should be expected before March. Therefore, it’s likely that Firebase Z is indeed set for early 2021.

(Source: Margwa)

Of course, we’d be happy to be wrong on this one. With Black Ops Cold War Season 1’s launch just around the corner, it would be great to get more out of the game’s Zombies mode.

Players are certainly discovering all the Die Maschine has to offer, although there are plenty of surprises to find. Just today, thousands of players experienced the hidden Black Ops Cold War Zombies jumpscare for the first time.

Right now, Treyarch is working on fixing the weapon XP issue in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. With that in mind, progress on a new map’s development might have to take a backseat for the time being.

But if the leaks can be believed, the Vietnam Zombies map is in a playable state already. If it was really cut from Cold War’s launch day, we hope it won’t be sitting ready to release for months on end.

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