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Frustrating Clip Sums Up the Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Experience

In a new viral Black Ops Cold War clip, one player shows just how bad the Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer experience can be.

Black Ops Cold War isn’t without its flaws, and some users have been criticizing the game’s Multiplayer since the Beta. Whether it’s Cold War’s heavy SBMM implementation, glitches, overpowered guns, or something else, players have constantly had something to complain about.

This isn’t the first time we’ve actually seen fans complain about a new release, to be sure. However, some Call of Duty players actually label Cold War as a downgrade from Modern Warfare.

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Experience
(Source: Activision)

Thankfully, Modern Warfare still has an active player base, for those unwilling to adopt the newer title. However, it’s hard to stick with an older title when Activision is trying hard to push fans to Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War’s Poor Multiplayer Experience

In a new post that is attracting a lot of attention on the Black Ops Cold War subreddit, one player sums up the game’s Multiplayer experience.

YouTube streamer Steph Glizzy showed off their latest Cold War Multiplayer efforts in a clip that will have players groaning. The new clip manages to sum up most of the issues faced in the latest Call of Duty title, in one aggravating video.

Black Ops Cold War biggest issues multiplayer
(Source: Activision)

According to the user, all the moments that appear in the following clip occurred on the same day. The video features Black Ops Cold War’s poor hit registration, broken Scorestreaks, and some particularly bad connection issues.

Steph Glizzy also hit out against Black Ops Cold War’s SBMM implementation in the comments section.

“I’m at a 2.91 KD and nearly every single lobby last night was me getting quick scoped by multiple FaZe members on the other team with the stupidly strong aim assist. Think I’m done with this game if changes aren’t gonna be made.”

Now that the Black Ops Cold War Mid-Season 1 update is finally here, perhaps Treyarch can work on fixing some issues with the game.

However, the developer is still yet to bring the promised Ranked Play to Cold War’s online matchmaking.

Right now, battle royale players are rejoicing over Warzone’s huge new nerf to the DMR 14. In the eyes of many fans, the popular Call of Duty experience is finally worth playing again.

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