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What to Expect in Black Ops Cold War’s Mid-Season 1 Update

There’s even more content coming in this Black Ops Cold War Mid-Season Update.

Call of Duty players are still getting over the excitement of Rebirth Island and Cold War weapons joining Warzone. However, there’s still plenty of content to come in Season 1.

Activision usually likes to release the majority of content left over in a big Mid-Season patch, which they will probably call Season 1 Reloaded. Find out when it’s coming and what huge additions will be coming to Cold War.

When is Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 1 Reloaded?

Season 1 launched on December 16th and so is still fairly new, but players are looking for even more new content. With just over two months left in this current Cold War Season, the Mid-Season update is still quite a while off.

Fans should expect the Season 1 reloaded to come in at the halfway point of Season 1. As Season 1 is 10 weeks long, players will probably have to wait another 4 weeks until it arrives in the second half of January.

Season 1 Reloaded New Operators

Two new NATO operators will be introduced during Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War. If past seasons for Modern Warfare and Warzone are to go by, expect them to launch with the Mid-Season update.

Bulldozer Black Ops Cold War


US Marine hostage rescue expert Bulldozer charges into the fight wearing a heavy combat armor.


Senegalese Zeyna Ossou has gasoline running through her veins. Don’t expect this motorhead to slow down on the battlefield.

New Weapons

There will be three new weapons introduced during Season 1. You can expect at least a couple to be introduced with the Mid-Season update. They can be obtained through in-game challenges or by purchasing them as part of a bundle in the COD store.

These weapon challenges are currently hidden, but can players can actually unlock them early using this guide.

Black Ops Cold War Wakizashi


The Streetsweeper is fully automatic and boasts the fastest fire rate out of any shotgun in Cold War.


Smash your enemies with a huge Sledgehammer – sounds like a whole lot of fun.


Another melee weapon in the form of this tradiitonal Japanese blade. The Wakizashi certainly looks a lot fancier than the average combat knife.

New 6v6 Multiplayer Mode: Dropkick

This mode has players fighting over a super-powered briefcase. Players will rush to see who can pick it up first, with the team in possession gaining points.

Also, the briefcase carrier gets equipped with a mega-powerful pistol too and their team gets access to special launch codes. The first team to 200 points launches a nuke to win the game.

New Fireteam Map: Sanatorium

The Sanatorium in the Ural mountains is a huge concrete building with the typical Soviet brutalist style. Set on a lake, there will also be a dock as part of this large Fireteam map.

Black Ops Cold War Sanatorium

New Vehicle: Tactical Raft

You can’t introduce a lake without a way of getting across. The new Tactical Rafts will speed into to Cold War in the Sanatorium map.

Hopefully, this won’t have as many problems as the attack chopper when it launched.

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New Cold War Zombies Mode: Cranked

Cranked makes Zombies even more frantic than usual. Players will need to kill an undead before a countdown expires or else they explode.

The mode also has a special Cranked power-up which will give players a well-needed break.

Mastercraft Bundles

Mastercraft weapon skins will also be coming with Cold War Season 1 Reloaded. These are some of the coolest looking gun skins, including one that has a working missile on top!

Activision has already announced that two Mastercraft skins will go on sale during Season 1. However, data-miners have already found these, along with another unannounced Mastercraft in the game’s files.

Flamethrower Scorestreak

Although not officially announced by Activision, promotional images show a flamethrower being used on the new Raid map. We expect this to be introduced as a brand-new scorestreak for players to burn their enemies with.

To see the full list of planned content for the whole of Season 1, visit the Call of Duty website.

While you wait for all of this amazing new content to drop, there’s still so much of Season 1 to enjoy. Dominate Rebirth Island with these amazing weapons.

Also, be sure to use this insanely overpowered Season 1 weapon before it gets nerfed or check out the best new gun added in Season 1.

It may be a long way off, but Treyarch also have some exciting plans for Black Ops Cold War Season 2. Hint: Zombies news!

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