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Black Ops Cold War March 8 Update Patch Notes – Bug Fixes & More

The patch notes for the March 8 Black Ops Cold War update have been released. Find out everything that has been changed.

A new Cold War update has been released. This one is a smaller update, but fixes a number of frustrating glitches in the game.

Find out everything changed in the Cold War March 8 patch notes here.

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Multiplayer Update Patch Notes

For Cold War Multiplayer, the patch notes say that the March 8 update has introduced a change to Quick Play and fixed a couple of challenges that weren't tracking correctly.

Unfortunately, the update hasn't changed the totally overpowered XM4 in Black Ops Cold War.


  • Rapid Fire Moshpit
    • Added HC Rapid Fire Moshpit to Quick Play.


  • Season Challenges
    • The "Guerrilla Warfare" Season Challenge now tracks kills from any weapon that the player picks up, not only from weapons from players they’ve killed.
  • Daily Challenges
    • The “Helping Hand” Daily Challenge now properly tracks Spy Plane assist score.
Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Battle Pass Naga Operator

League Play Ladder Update

League Play has also been changed, according to the patch notes for the March 8 Cold War Update. This will come as a relief to fans who hate League Play because of all of the ranking problems.


  • If the player gets incorrectly placed into a "broken" Ladder, playing another match will put the player into a functional Ladder.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause other names on the Ladder to be blank.
Black Ops Cold War League Play

Zombies Bug Fixes

Finally, there are a number of bug fixes for both the new Outbreak Zombies mode and Firebase Z in the Cold War March 8 update patch notes.


  • Stability
    • Added various stability fixes related to Objectives in Outbreak.
  • Objectives
    • Resolved an issue that prevented completing the objective if a player carrying a canister left a co-op match in progress.
  • General
    • Resolved an issue that caused graphic corruption when using upgraded Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade.

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cold war-zombies-outbreak

Firebase Z

  • Addressed an issue where a player could not listen to three Radio Transmissions in "Firebase Z."

Check out our complete guide to Firebase Z to find out all of the map's secrets.

firebase z miniboss

To see the full patch notes for the Cold War March 8 update, visit the Treyarch website.

Meanwhile, a leak has hinted at an upcoming Easter Egg for Cold War Zombies Outbreak mode. Additionally, players can also look forward to a remake of classic Zombies map TranZit, if this leak is true.

Also, Black Ops players want a return of this key feature.

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