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Black Ops Cold War Bug Suggests Supply Drops Might Return (UPDATED)

Update: In a recent Reddit post, Treyarch claims the supply drops bug is actually leftover content from Black Ops 4.

Original Story: Thanks to a new bug in the Black Ops Cold War Beta, players discover that Supply Drops could be returning.

Call of Duty’s latest game is just around the corner, and players are currently enjoying the Open Beta. However, a new reveal’s discovery is leaving a bad taste in our mouths.

Thanks to a leak that can be discovered in the Beta through a particular set of actions, we know that Supply Drops are likely to make a return. This means that Black Ops Cold War will again contain microtransactions.

(Source: Sledgehammer Games)

It’s not like players believed that Cold War wouldn’t contain microtransactions, however. The in-game purchases have long been a staple of the franchise.

But Supply Drops themselves are somewhat controversial as a topic. A re-skinned loot box system, the crates can cause some real upset if not handled correctly.

What Are Black Ops Cold War Supply Drops?

For those not in the know, Supply Drops first made an appearance in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Since then, they’ve come to Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, and WWII.

The system was initially set to be part of the latest Modern Warfare title, but instead, Infinity Ward made the switch to a Battle Pass system. The contents of these Supply Drops tend to be cosmetic in nature.

Some games have the boxes containing emotes, weapon camos, and character skins. Others also add exclusive guns to the list of possible unlocks.

It’s here that the main issue lies, as locking weapons behind a paywall creates an unfair and unbalanced experience. That’s without delving into the world of issues that stem from loot box gambling addictions.

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Are Supply Drops in Black Ops Cold War?

According to a new leak, yes, Supply Drops are returning for Black Ops Cold War. Thanks to a bug in the game’s Beta, eagle-eyed fans have discovered references to the upcoming microtransaction system.

It seems that when players plug in a mouse and keyboard to the PS4 Beta, they’re able to access a special, hidden menu. Clicking on the Message of the Day leads to a series of buttons becoming available.

These locked features include the term ‘Purchase Crate’ among other options. Also on the menu, players can find ‘Crate Bundle’, ‘Reserves’, and more.

This may not be definitive proof that Supply Drops are returning, but we’d say it’s pretty concrete. It seems that Treyarch is keeping quiet on the matter for now, but ultimately it’s how they end up implementing the feature that will determine player response.

Right now, players are more distracted by the fact that Black Ops Cold War has increased Time To Kill. Despite Black Ops Cold War changes from Alpha to Beta being largely positive, this isn’t one that players are willing to forgive.

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