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Black Ops Cold War Leak Suggests Big Nerf Coming to Two OP Weapons

Right now, there are two major contenders for Black Ops Cold War's best weapon, and both could use adjusting. Thankfully, a new leak suggests that a big nerf is coming in the game's next patch.

Anyone dipping their toes into Black Ops Cold War's Multiplayer will notice an abundance of M16 and AUG users. Ever since the nerf of the MP5, the meta shift to longer-range weapons has been swift.

With the AUG or M16 in hand, players can eliminate enemies with a single burst to the upper body, especially when running the correct attachments. What's more, the weapons can be set up to be surprisingly long-range, to the point where they can contend with snipers.

M16 Getting a Big Nerf, Leak Suggests
(Source: Treyarch)

It would be no shock to anyone if Treyarch chose to nerf these powerful weapons. And like it or not, that appears to be exactly what's coming.

Black Ops Cold War is Nerfing M16 and AUG

According to a new leak, Black Ops Cold War is set to nerf both the M15 and AUG in a future update. We don't know exactly when this patch will roll out, but chances are it could coincide with the Season 1 update on December 10.

This information comes from Tom Henderson, a reliable long-time leaker in the Call of Duty community. In a new tweet, Henderson states that players should complete their weapon challenges while they still can, as 'big nerfs' are coming.

As for exactly how the two weapons will see a nerf, we can't be sure. In the case of the MP5, Treyarch made the gun behave as intended, with a nerf to its range.

Given that the M16 and AUG are more medium-range weapons, perhaps their overall damage output will get a reduction. After all, it seems too powerful that players can eliminate enemies with a single burst fire at present.

AUG getting a big nerf in next patch
(Source: Treyarch)

If you want to see which weapons kill you most in Black Ops Cold War, there's a way to check. In our statistics, the MP5 still has the most kills, suggesting that the M16 and AUG could remain dominant even with the incoming nerf.

It's true that the AUG's best loadout and attachments make this weapon, in particular, completely unstoppable in Multiplayer. Fans of the gun should enjoy it while they still can.

Chances are, we only have until Black Ops Cold War Season 1 to use the gun as we know it. But it's probably best that the weapon gets adjusted before it comes to Warzone's new Rebirth Island map.

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