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Black Ops Cold War League Play Details Revealed

Black Ops Cold War has finally received its long-awaited League Play update. League Play provides players with a much more competitive Call of Duty experience.

League Play is now live in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War bringing a new, competitive side to the popular multiplayer game. Although it hasn’t had the most warming reception so far.

For those that enjoy a more competitive experience, Cold War League Play gives players the opportunity to climb the ladder. If you perform well you will be granted exclusive rewards.

If you want to prove your skills you’ll want to know exactly how League Play works. Here is everything you need to know about Cold War League Play.

Black Ops Cold War League Play – How It Works

League Play has finally arrived in Black Ops Cold War and with it, players now have a new competitive matchmaking experience. Will you be able to prove your skills and rise up the ladder?

For those that are unfamiliar with League Play, this mode pits players against one another in a competitive and high-stakes way. Furthermore, players will have to fight to rise up the skill divisions.

League Play contains 30 different Ranks and fans will have to try their best to climb up the ladder through special League Play events. These events are held frequently every week.

The schedule for the League Play events is as follows, so you know the exact amount of time you have left for each event:

  • Monday – Friday – Weekday Events
  • Friday – Monday – Weekend Events

If players perform well during these events they will progress closer to the next rank promotion. It’s all about consistency, so if you keep winning then you will rise very quickly up the ladder, and vice versa.

However, some players are stating that Cold War League Play’s Ranking system is terrible and lacking key features. It appears that players are not happy with it so far.

Black Ops Cold War League Play(1)
Cold War League Play

Furthermore, quitting League matches will result in penalties. Players will want to try their best to keep their cool and persevere even in difficult and tough matches.

At the end of each of these events, players will receive rewards in the form of Gems. The amount awarded depends on where players ranked at the end of the event.

Cold War fans will have to use all their skills in order to achieve victory. Furthermore, players will not be able to get away with techniques like this in ranked play, so you’ll have to pull out all the stops.

Similarly, players will also receive an exclusive League Play Calling Card, to highlight their achievements. If you enjoy showing off you may want to try your best to climb the ladder.

Cold War League Play Skill Divisions

Each player will start with a series of five placement matches in order to find out their starting division.

There are a total of five Skill Divisions in League Play. Here are all of the divisions so you can see exactly where you match up. Set your goal for the very top to prove your skills in Cold War.

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The Skill Divisions in League Play are as follows:

  • Master (Top 2%)
  • Elite (Top 15%)
  • Expert (Top 30%)
  • Advanced (Top 50%)
  • Competitor (50% of players)
League Play Skill Divisions
League Play Skill Divisions

It’s worth noting that Skill Divisions are not only dependent on player performance, but also overall player population too. Therefore don’t be surprised if you find your Skill Division is changing.

Furthermore, players will be able to earn XP and Battle Pass rewards whilst getting stuck in with League Play. Therefore, if you wanted to take a break from casual games, you can still earn new Battle Pass rewards.

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Furthermore, if you are diving straight into competitive play, be aware that Cold War’s bunny hop has also been stealth nerfed in the latest 1.11 update. So you may want to do some preparation before your placement matches.

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Finally, Black Ops players are also calling for a major knife buff, you can find out exactly what players think of the underpowered weapon and whether it may be worth using in League Play.

For more information on League Play, you can take a look at Treyarch’s official website here.

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