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Black Ops Cold War Is Most Downloaded CoD Beta in History

Black Ops Cold War’s Open Beta is now over, and the controversial testing period is already breaking records.

Call of Duty’s first next-gen installment has been the cause of a lot of discussion in recent weeks. As both console players and PC users have now had their chance with the Beta, everyone’s got an opinion to voice.

But no matter what you think of Black Ops Cold War, there’s no denying the Beta’s incredible popularity. Due to the trial separating fans into early-access, PlayStation, Xbox, and finally PC players, the Beta felt like it was running for ages.

cold war beta
(Source: Treyarch)

This gave Call of Duty fans plenty of opportunities to try the game for themselves. It also meant that thousands of hours of in-game footage were uploading with every passing day.

The Beta took the internet by storm, and it’s no surprise that it’s become the most downloaded beta in Call of Duty history.

According to a new tweet by the official Call of Duty Twitter page, the Cold War Beta is breaking records. With passionate Call of Duty fans everywhere jumping at the chance to get stuck into Cold War, the trial put out some real numbers.

In fact, the Multiplayer Beta is the most downloaded in Call of Duty history. What’s interesting is that it wasn’t the only Call of Duty title to break this record in recent years.

Past installment Modern Warfare also reportedly went down as the most popular CoD Beta ever. Neither claims have been substantiated with actual figures, although Activision claims that millions of players joined the fight.

Modern Warfare’s popularity is legendary, with over 75 million players as of August 2020. Perhaps Black Ops Cold War will be able to attain similar success in the coming months.

Cold War has an advantage of sorts, being the first Call of Duty title to come to next-gen consoles. However, the Beta is also attracting all manner of player complaints.

Issues With the Black Ops Cold War

The Black Ops Cold War Beta was a fun return to Treyarch’s multiplayer experience, but it was far from perfect. A lot of Cold War Beta players hate the game’s broken sliding mechanic.

Also, the number of bugs in the game was a little high, even for a beta. Black Ops Cold War players could wall-glitch for easy kills, ruining the match for others.

This, partnered with the sheer number of players using Aimbots and Wallhacks in Cold War, despite the game being yet to release, suggests that its anti-cheat is relatively non-existent.

And despite all this, we’re yet to touch on the biggest issue in the Beta. According to an online survey, Black Ops Cold War players want SBMM changed more than any other issue.