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Black Ops Cold War Players Discover Incredible Melee Exploit

There’s a new exploit in Black Ops Cold War, and it’s capable of making players fly through the air when using their melee attacks.

In Black Ops Cold War, melee attacks are seen as being pretty bad. Despite doing heavy damage, it’s hard to secure kills, even with a knife, and you’re often better off sticking to your primary weapon.

However, there’s a new way to use your melee in Cold War that might just be a game-changer. Thanks to a new video making the rounds online, Black Ops Cold War players are discovering a new flying exploit based around the melee system.

Black Ops Cold War Knife Melee Exploit
(Source: Activision)

Fear not, you won’t need one of Black Ops Cold War’s new melee weapons to make use of this glitch. And you won’t have to worry about Cold War’s poor hit registration making your attacks miss either.

This Cold War Melee Exploit Makes Players Fly

It seems that even Cold War Multiplayer has its fair share of exploits. By standing on the rocks near spawn in Crossroads Strike and angling upwards, players can use Cold War’s newest melee exploit to fly through the air.

This technique is unlikely to be effective in a standard online match, as it requires an enemy to assist you.

With an enemy player standing atop of the rock pile, melee attacking towards them will lead to your character being launched through the air.

Crossroads Strike Melee Exploit in Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Activision)

This strange exploit even allows Cold War players to reach an incredible sniping vantage point. However, due to the boundaries of the map, you can’t stay there for long.

According to the user that discovered this melee exploit, however, there is an area at the edge of the cliff that allows you to survive endlessly.

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Amazed viewers on Reddit were quick to point out that this huge jump could be a prime opportunity for an insane sniping trickshot.

We’d hate to come up against this the human aimbot who went on an insane Cold War sniping spree with this glitch on their side.

When more people learn about this interaction, it won’t be only Warzone players that are calling for a melee nerf. Recently, we saw a Warzone player perform an incredible skydiving melee kill, showing off just how good the basic attack can be.

However, even with Thor’s hammer in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, melee is next to useless against the undead.

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