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Black Ops Cold War Guns Get Major Stealth Changes In 1.11 Update

Black Ops Cold War update 1.11 is live and there have been a number of Cold War stealth changes that players may not be aware of. Here is our comprehensive list of all the changes in update 1.11

Update 1.11 for Black Ops Cold War has just released, and with it, there is a ton of new content. If you want to know exactly what changes there are in-game, you can read our Black Ops Cold War Update 1.11 Patch Notes here.

Interestingly, however, there appear to be a number of Cold War stealth changes to the array of weapons. Players may notice that their guns are underperforming, so you’ll want to check this information out.

Black Ops Cold War Update 1.11 Stealth Changes

The latest 1.11 update has brought with it new and hidden changes to player’s arsenals. Interestingly, the patch notes do not mention anything to do with weapon balance.

Weapon balance is a key issue in Black Ops Cold War. It is important that weapons are balanced regularly in order to prevent overuse and to ensure other weapons are used too.

Cold War’s stealth changes include a huge new weapons patch and balance update, that players are not aware of. The changes mainly revolve around nerfs to bullet velocity.

Interestingly, it appears that bullet velocity has been completely changed for many of the gun barrels in Black Ops Cold War. Furthermore, the M16 and AUG are the guns that have been changed the most.

Cold War Stealth Nerf
(Source: Activision)

According to data the M16 Rapid Fire attachment used to give a 23% boost to bullet velocity, however in Cold War’s latest patch, this has been reduced to 0%.

Similarly, the Titanium Barrel attachment for the M16 has also been nerfed. Whereas it used to give an 85% bullet velocity boost, it is now also reduced to 0%.

This huge change will definitely affect the performance of the M16, and players will notice that the Titanium Barrel attachment is not as powerful. We recommend swapping it out if you are struggling to secure kills.

Likewise, the AUG has also received similar changes. Both the Rapid Fire attachment and Titanium barrel have also been reduced to 0%. This is a huge nerf and players should definitely notice a difference.

The DMR is another weapon that has received slight changes. The Rapid Fire and Titanium barrel have also been reduced to 0% bullet velocity, a substantial change.

Players may want to switch up their kit in order to adapt to Cold War’s stealth changes. Perhaps Activision needs to change more weapons as players are calling for a nerf to the akimbo magnums.

Black Ops Cold War Update 1.11 Stealth Buffs

Alongside Cold War’s stealth changes, there are also some positive changes to weapon attachments too. You might want to give these attachments a go to increase your performance.

First off, the FFAR, already considered a pretty powerful weapon has received a huge buff. The Reinforced Heavy, Ranger, Takedown, and Task Force Barrel have all received substantial bullet velocity changes.

Here is the rundown of the new FFAR barrel attachment changes:

  • Reinforced Heavy Ranger – + 26% bullet velocity (53% total)
  • Ranger – +32% bullet velocity (89% total)
  • Takedown – +10% (25% total)
  • Task Force – +16% (54% total)

If you aren’t using the FFAR in Black Ops Cold War, perhaps this could be the time to pick one up. It appears that the FFAR with the Ranger barrel might be a powerful combination.

Black Ops Cold War Update 1.11

Black Ops Cold War update 1.11 is already live, it’s likely players have been noticing slight changes in the power of their weapons. However, now you know exactly what kit to use.

Activision is being very sneaky with their updates as of late. Another Cold War stealth change in update 1.11 is the bunny hop, which you can read about here.

Likewise, players are also asking for a buff to certain melee weapons. Cold War Players want to see a major knife buff after certain problems with the weapon.

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All of the weapons changes mentioned in this post are thanks to the world of TrueGameData, you can check out his full video here for a complete rundown.

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