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Black Ops Cold War Glitch Ruins Gunship Scorestreak

This Black Ops Cold War Gunship glitch makes the scorestreak unusable.

Scorestreaks are powerful weapons and gadgets that can be called in if a player gets enough points in a single life. This makes glitches with scorestreaks especially frustrating as players work hard to call them in.

The Gunship in particular would be extremely annoying to have a glitch with. It is the most expensive scorestreak in the game, after all.

Apparently, this glitch was also a big problem all the way back in Black Ops 4. Players are hoping the glitch will be patched out of the game soon, but if it wasn’t fixed in Black Ops 4, then it may not be so likely.

black ops cold war scorestreak

What is the Cold War Gunship Glitch?

Players use a laptop to call in the Gunship, like many other scorestreaks. From there, the player will control a gunner in an air support ship and be able to shoot missiles down on enemies.

However, this glitch sees the player open the laptop and then immediately close it. This happens all before they can even fire a single missile.

While the Gunship scorestreak works most of the time, it does have a chance to malfunction. Maybe Treyarch can blame the old-fashioned ’80s technology?

The Gunship is the top scorestreak in the game, costing a whopping 10,000 points. This makes the gunship glitch even more frustrating when you’ve finally racked up the points to call one in and it just doesn’t work.

Pony_Baloney Reddit

If you’re thinking of dropping the gunship because of the glitch, then this fiery new Cold War scorestreak being added soon could be the perfect replacement.

There are also a whole load of other issues that players want fixed in an upcoming patch. Warzone players are having their games ruined by this overpowered gun.

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