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New Black Ops Cold War Glitch Makes Players Invisible

This new Black Ops Cold War glitch makes players totally invisible.

Cold War has been full of glitches since it released, but invisibility is surely one of the worst. It ruins the game completely for players who can’t see their enemies.

There also seems to be no cause of the invisible glitch and, in turn, no fix either. It’s just a very strange occurrence and is somehow even worse than you’d expect. Literally every player is invisible!

Cold War Invisible Glitch

The Cold War Invisible Glitch

Players can’t explain this invisible glitch. It only affects Cold War multiplayer, but it is still very frustrating being killed by someone you can’t see.

Redditor ImaTurtleMan posted the glitch, showing that every player in his game was invisible. Even he was totally invisible to himself.

The only thing he could see to indicate where a player was, was their gun. Everything else in the match was completely normal, however.

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The game functioned completely normally. Players could shoot enemies and even capture hardpoints.

It’s not confirmed whether other players in the game also had this glitch. However, most players wouldn’t stick around in a lobby of invisible players.

ImaTurtleMan Reddit

A whole lobby of players loading into a match but none of them being visible is a huge problem. Although, no other cases of the glitch have been reported.

Whether it’s a one-off bug or a problem that is affecting the games of many players, Treyarch should definitely look into it.

However, they might have quite a long backlog of glitches to fix. Black Ops Cold War’s biggest issue has been in the game since launch and still hasn’t been fixed.

While Black Ops players are still reasonably happy, Warzone players definitely aren’t. The game has been dubbed ‘Borezone’ by fans who are fed up with the current meta.

There’s also a new Warzone glitch meaning sniper scopes have no glint. That definitely won’t help get the angry players back.

A player has also managed to access a hidden area in Cold War with a strange image. It’s completely not what you expect.

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Thursday 9th of September 2021

I'm having this same issue. WTF Treyarch? I got I spend all this money on your game only to not be able to play the game in this manner.