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Black Ops Cold War Glitch Leaks Potential New Scorestreak

Is this new scorestreak coming to Cold War soon?

Scorestreaks are powerful weapons or equipment that players can call in after scoring enough points in one life.

Black Ops Cold War has a number of scorestreaks already available, but this glitch may have revealed a new scorestreak for the game.

This isn’t the only glitch that has potentially revealed upcoming content though. A Fire Team Dirty Bomb glitch may have revealed Warzone’s new map.

Black Ops Cold War Bulldozer Operator

New Cold War Scorestreak Revealed?

This strange glitch shows a player using the ping system to mark a helicopter dropping a Care Package. However, the Care Package chopper isn’t labelled as such.

In the feed on the left, it clearly says “Sniper’s Nest Marked” when the chopper is pinged. This could be a new scorestreak coming to Black Ops Cold War.

Players are also still waiting on the hinted flamethrower scorestreak to be added to Cold War.

Veteran Call of Duty players will recognize the Sniper’s Nest scorestreak. It last appeared in Black Ops 4 and could be returning soon.

The high-cost scorestreak calls in a helicopter with two expert snipers in it. These marksmen will then take down any opponents they spot with one accurate shot.

However, this glitch does not confirm that the Sniper’s Nest scorestreak will be returning in Cold War. While likely, the glitch could possibly be due to Treyarch either cutting content or repurposing assets from past games.

This would explain why the Supply Drop helicopter is called a Sniper’s Nest when pinged, even if Treyarch has no plans of adding it.

There are a number of glitches affecting the game at the moment. This split-screen glitch is completely breaking the game by making players invisible.

Bugs are also affecting melee certain weapons. Cold War players have discovered an incredible melee exploit that lets them fly.

This might look like a glitch, but this superhuman player has gone on the most ridiculous sniping spree of all time.

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