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New Black Ops Cold War Clip Highlights the Game’s Biggest Issue

There are many issues in Black Ops Cold War that players would claim to be the biggest. But this is definitely the most game-breaking problem with the latest Call of Duty title to date.

There are plenty of issues to be found with Black Ops Cold War. In fact, even before the game’s launch, players were quick to point them out.

Players hate Black Ops Cold War’s visibility with a passion. Fans also want SBMM in Cold War fixed more than any other issue.

There are complaints about Cold War feeling a little too barebones, as though it were rushed to launch. And there’s even proof that Cold War is using Black Ops 5 assets that Treyarch must have slapped together in its hurry to get a game ready for release.

Black Ops Cold War biggest issue reveal
(Source: Activision)

But what really matters is Black Ops Cold War’s core gameplay. Players could put all these issues aside, should the game be fun to play.

Hit Detection – Black Ops Cold War’s Biggest Issue?

Unfortunately, it appears that Black Ops Cold War’s biggest issue might be its hit detection. Many players have noticed their shots missing the enemy, even when their crosshairs are firmly planted in the correct place.

And it’s this issue that’s possibly most distressing about Black Ops Cold War. At the end of the day, a shooter is only as good as its core shooting mechanics.

But it seems that Black Ops Cold War’s hit detection is a little lacking, even after years in the FPS industry. A new clip on the game’s subreddit highlights just how severe the hit detection issue can be.

Making use of Akimbo Magnums, Reddit user shabooga628 blasts an enemy player from a few inches away. After realizing that the hit didn’t register, the player aims again and shoots the enemy several more times.

Strangely, only one bullet glances the enemy, who is able to react and kill the user. But this isn’t the only example of poor hit detection we’ve seen in recent days.

Earlier this week, Reddit user TylerMaillet went through a similar experience. After a couple of attempts to quickscope an oblivious enemy, the user gets what should have been a clean hit.

What’s more, after these shots fail to register, the user melees their foe several times at point-blank range. Unfortunately, the Black Ops Cold War issue gives the enemy enough time to once again eliminate the user.

Black Ops Cold War’s Biggest Issue Isn’t New

We’ve actually been seeing these issues since the game’s launch back in mid-November. Despite multiple attempts to point the issue out to Treyarch, it appears that the developer doesn’t see a problem with the game.

Of course, some of these hit detection issues are likely due to a player’s Ping in-game. And since evidence suggests that SBMM places high-skill players in low connection matches, perhaps that’s what we can see in the clips above.

But regardless of Ping, this issue shouldn’t be so prevalent. Adding to the issues, a new Black Ops Cold War glitch is ruining Gunship Scorestreaks.

Players also have issues with Black Ops Cold War’s broken weapon camos. Thankfully, we have a new fix for all of Cold War’s weapon camo issues.

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