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New Video Shows Black Ops Cold War’s Flak Jacket Perk is Still Overpowered

Black Ops Cold War’s Flak Jacket perk is still way too powerful.

The perk was supposedly nerfed at the start of Season 1, but many players still think it is too strong. It makes all incoming explosives basically useless even after the supposed nerf.

This gameplay video, which can be seen at the very bottom of this article, shows that even in hardcore game modes, Flak Jackets can absorb a ridiculous amount of damage. It takes a total of four shots from launchers to down an opponent running the Flak Jacket perk.

Black Ops Cold War Flak Jacket Perk

While the Flak Jacket is definitely still too powerful, some players also think there’s another problem that Treyarch should fix.

Is the Cold War Flak Jacket Perk the Problem?

This video of the explosives struggling to down a Flak Jacket user has also sparked a debate about whether explosives are too weak in Black Ops Cold War.

While Flak Jacket deserves another nerf, many players think that explosives, and launchers, in particular, deserve a buff. At the moment, they are very weak and never worth running over another secondary weapon.

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Another problem with Flak Jacket is that it is in perk slot 1. The other perks available in that slot are Engineer, Paranoia, Tactical Mask, and Forward Intel.

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None of these perks are anywhere near as powerful as Flak Jacket and so almost everyone playing Cold War runs the overpowered perk.

Flak Jacket isn’t the only thing that Call of Duty players are calling to be nerfed though. This overpowered gun is completely ruining Warzone for many players.

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