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Black Ops Cold War Fans Want a Nerf to LMGs

After a change in the meta, Black Ops Cold War fans want a nerf to the dominant LMGs.

Light Machine Guns are powerful weapons in most FPS games, with high ammo capacity and solid damage values. However, Call of Duty titles tend to neglect the LMG class somewhat, with Assault Rifles and SMGs defining the meta.

That’s not the case with Black Ops Cold War though, as LMGs are becoming dominant in Multiplayer. After recent changes to the meta, it’s finally time for the weapon class to truly shine.

Black Ops Cold War LMG Nerf
(Source: Activision)

But already, Black Ops Cold War fans have had enough of the LMG meta. And many of them are calling for a nerf to help switch things up.

After all, Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer is becoming a terrible experience these days.

Are LMGs Too OP in Black Ops Cold War?

Right now, there’s no denying that LMGs are dominant in Cold War, but are they overpowered?

According to the fans, LMGs are simply powerful by default in Black Ops Cold War, thanks to the game’s mobility. Since ADS speed and bullet velocity is slow, players benefit from holding position with a powerful weapon.

This also benefits sniper users, despite Call of Duty fans having a fondness for quickscoping. But SMGs and Assault Rifles are designed for running and gunning, and therefore may struggle to compete against a waiting LMG user.

Black Ops Cold War LMG
(Source: Activision)

Of course, this is how the weapon should work, as an LMG doesn’t work well on the go. But some users have issues with the meta revolving around stationary players.

“A sub meta is fun. An ar meta is meh. A lmg meta is campy and caters to the worst kind of players,” claims Reddit user Zeronica470. “That’s why they’re banned in comp and league play”

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This isn’t the only time the opinion appears in the Reddit thread either, as many users take issue with the LMG meta encouraging camping.

In the past, some users have speculated that Black Ops Cold War’s camping is worse than in Modern Warfare.

Black Ops Cold War Apolocalypse Map
(Source: Activision)

Other commenters dislike how the LMG bullets can penetrate through walls to get kills. Some even confirm that they’d be happy with the weapon balancing if the ability to ‘wall-bang’ was just toned down a bit.

Right now, Multiplayer fans are something of an irritated bunch. After all, many Cold War players are angry at Zombies getting priority in Season 2.

Meanwhile, Warzone fans want yet another nerf to the MAC-10 after the weapon is still dominant in the battle royale. Partner that up with NICKMERCS’ best Assault Rifle in Warzone, and you’ve got an unstoppable loadout.

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