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Black Ops Cold War Fans Demand Game Fixes Instead of New Content

Black Ops Cold War is getting even more new content soon, but fans would rather have some issues getting fixes.

With Black Ops Cold War Season 2 right around the corner, you’d think that fans would be itching to find out more about the upcoming content. And while there are still many users eagerly awaiting the update, others have something else on their minds.

Since launch, Cold War has been a notoriously buggy experience, and players are growing tired of the game’s issues.

Black Ops Cold War game fixes
(Source: Activision)

In the last few days alone, we’ve seen broken Black Ops Cold War hit registration, as well as broken Cold War League Play rankings and more.

And although a new Black Ops Cold War leak reveals exciting new weapons for Season 2, some fans just aren’t getting hyped up.

Black Ops Cold War Needs Fixing in Season 2

Given that we’re now 4 months into the game’s lifespan, players want Black Ops Cold War fixing before Season 2 begins. Already, Activision is beginning to talk about Call of Duty 2021, and it’s feeling like Cold War is being pushed to one side.

Now, fans on Reddit are calling for Cold War to get a fix before any further content releases:

“The amount of blue screens, boot to title, d/cs, and just in general stability issues that happen to me and my friends is astounding, I’ve never played a CoD this broken,” writes Reddit user Atenza25.

According to sentiments echoed by other members of the community, the fans would rather see fixes than updates.

Black Ops Cold War fixes
(Source: Activision)

Many blame the messy rush to launch this time around, with Cold War having originally been a Sledgehammer Games title. After alleged inter-studio issues, Treyarch took over production of the title, and hurried to get it ready for launch.

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Fans believe that Black Ops Cold War’s barebones launch was due to these development issues. But now we’re still facing problems months down the line.

Other commenters turn the conversation back to Skill-Based Matchmaking or SBMM.

“SBMM is what makes the multiplayer in this game not fun. Next cod should just not have SBMM at all,” states user PINKERTON.

express train Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Activision)

The truth of Black Ops Cold War’s SBMM is fairly shocking, with the system affecting everything from Ping to team balance. Some fans have long been complaining about the concept, and others are protesting SBMM in Cold War Multiplayer.

But SBMM has reportedly been present in almost every modern Call of Duty title to some extent. We imagine that the feature could use some tweaking, however, to return to the glory days of CoD.

With Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Remastered allegedly releasing this year, Black Ops Cold War is in trouble. If Activision really is working on a re-release of the most beloved CoD of all time, it may spell the end for the current title altogether.

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