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Black Ops Cold War Express Train Wins A Game of VIP Escort

You know it’s an interesting game of Black Ops Cold War when the Express train wins the round of VIP Escort.

The new update for Black Ops Cold War brings popular map Express back to the game. The location was last seen in fan-favorite title Black Ops 2, and it’s been sorely missed.

Not only does Express feature an excellent map design, it’s one of the few Call of Duty maps to boast an entertaining hazard to boot.

express Black Ops Cold War train
(Source: Activision)

But after this round of VIP Escort, we’d be giving the Best Play to the high-speed train as it wipes out the enemy team. It’s definitely a good reason to bring back the Black Ops Cold War Final Killcam.

Black Ops Cold War’s Express Train Gets a Team Wipe

The new Black Ops Cold War map has some rather lethal transportation, and the Express train even manages to wipe the enemy team in a new clip.

In a recent game of VIP Escort, one player manages to clutch the round by the skin of their teeth. After a close encounter with most of the enemy team, Reddit user PurpleKoi goes down in the center of the train tracks.

But as the user crawls backward, the high-speed train shoots past them, missing the player but taking out the entire enemy team. With all 4 enemies defeated in one fell swoop, it looks like the railway system was the VIP this time around.

express train Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Activision)

PurpleKoi immediately gets the win and posts the clip to Reddit. However, the reception isn’t quite what they thought it might be.

Instead of focussing on the incredible team wipe, commenters are instead bothered by the user’s choice of weapons. With many Black Ops Cold War fans wanting a nerf to the OP Akimbo Magnums, it seems these players are no exception.

As we see in the clip, one shot with each Magnum is enough to down an enemy. And that’s crazy fast for a game mode like VIP Escort.

“Put the dual pistols away,” comments one user.

“Fact” replies another.

But we can’t ignore this incredible killstreak by the Express Train, even if the player’s weapon choice was pretty meta.

Sadly, the Akimbo Magnum wasn’t one of the Black Ops Cold War weapons that recently got a stealth change.

Want to see what actually did come in the Black Ops Cold War February 4 patch notes? Besides the new map, we’ve got additional modes, cosmetics, and more!

And Express isn’t even the only returning map that Black Ops will be getting. According to this new Black Ops Cold War leak, 8 more map remakes are on the way.

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