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Black Ops Cold War Exploit Allows Players to Fire Instantly After Sprinting

There’s a new exploit for Black Ops Cold War that allows players to fire instantly out of sprinting. This new technique is letting users get the drop on enemies much faster than should be possible.

When building the perfect Call of Duty class, players have to consider a lot of factors. One of the things that some users find most important is sprint-to-fire time.

Lowering this statistic means your gun is ready to go faster, and you’ll be able to shoot enemies immediately on encountering them. This is particularly useful for short-range SMGs and shotgun classes.

black ops cold war sprinting exploit
(Source: Treyarch)

But now, a strange new exploit is allowing players to remove any sprint-fire delay, no matter their attachments. Given time, this is almost certain to shape the Black Ops Cold War meta as we know it.

How to Remove Sprint-to-Fire Time in Black Ops Cold War

A new post on the Black Ops Cold War subreddit claims to have found a way to remove sprint-to-fire time entirely. This exploit makes use of the Gung-Ho Perk, which allows players to shoot while sprinting.

Usually, even with this Perk equipped, players incur a small delay between pulling the trigger and having their gun ready to go. However, this latest exploit allows you to sprint with a weapon always at the ready.

Gung-Ho Black Ops Cold War Perk
(Source: Treyarch)

By holding a piece of equipment at the ready, such as a Semtex grenade or Molotov, and using Gung-Ho, Black Ops Cold War players can run and gun with no delay. So long as your equipment isn’t the kind that explodes in your hand, you can fire freely through your entire clip.

Using this exploit, players are able to kill enemies far quicker than should be possible. What’s more, you can use this tactic to drop a grenade or Molotov on death, much like the old Martyrdom Perk.

For the optimal class to partner this technique with, be sure to focus on hip-fire accuracy. After all, you’ll be unable to aim down the sights while holding your weapon with one hand.

With more and more people finding out about this exploit, it’s possible that Treyarch will fix the issue soon. But since the developer is already working on fixes for the broken Cold War Zombies weapon XP, we’d bet this isn’t its priority right now.

This is especially true since players are finding new ways to leave the Cold War Nuketown ’84 map. Currently, Black Ops Cold War is in a playable state, but it certainly needs a few fixes.

One bug players are hoping Treyarch doesn’t fix, however, is the unlimited XP exploit in Die Maschine. Unfortunately, it’s these kinds of player-benefitting bugs that tend to get a fix first.

So be sure to take advantage of the quick sprinting to fire exploit while you still can.

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