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Black Ops Cold War’s New E-Tool Is the Game’s Worst Weapon

There’s a new addition to the Black Ops Cold War roster, but the E-Tool is by far the worst weapon in the game.

In a recent update, Black Ops Cold War’s E-Tool finally arrived in the game. One of Season 2’s newest unlocks, a lot of fans were very excited to get their hands on the equipment.

For those out of the know, an E-Tool is an ‘entrenching tool’ used by the military for a variety of purposes. Whether digging, shoveling, or chopping, the E-Tool is a practical piece of equipment that belongs in any soldier’s inventory.

Black Ops Cold War Worst Weapon
(Source: Activision)

Of course, as a melee weapon, the E-Tool will always struggle to compete with some of Black Ops Cold War’s best guns. But that’s not the only reason that the E-Tool is Cold War’s worst weapon.

Still want the weapon for yourself? Here’s how to unlock the E-Tool in Cold War and Warzone.

The E-Tool Is the Worst Weapon in Black Ops Cold War

Now that the E-Tool has been added to Black Ops Cold War, many gamers are unlocking it and trying out the weapon for themselves.

As a melee weapon, the E-Tool works a little differently to Cold War’s standard kit. You’ll need to get up close and personal to get your kills.

However, the E-Tool also has one massive flaw: it’s a two-hit kill. This isn’t a dealbreaker by itself, after all, Warzone’s most overpowered melee weapon is a two-hit kill.

Cold War Warzone E-Tool
(Source: Activision)

But while the E-Tool swings a little faster than the Combat Knife, it’s not fast enough to secure most kills. After the first hit on an enemy, many competent players will still have time to turn and kill you with a gun.

Even the recent Black Ops Cold War Season 1 melee weapons were both one-hit kills. Playing with melee tools in a shooter always puts you at a disadvantage, but the E-Tool is a guaranteed recipe for a bad time.

Thankfully, Black Ops Cold War Season 2’s other new weapons are much more worthy of your time.

E-Tool Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Activision)

YouTuber PrestigeIsKey even points out that using the E-Tool is one of the best ways to beat SBMM in Black Ops Cold War. Thanks to the weapon’s horrible kill potential, it’s fast to drop into easier lobbies after dying over and over.

However, the E-Tool is at least a one-hit kill in Zombies mode. In-fact, many players believe that the E-Tool is actually the best melee weapon in Cold War Zombies.

Perhaps this is just another Season 2 update that caters more to Zombies than Multiplayer.

Right now, the E-Tool is just one of the latest Black Ops Cold War major balancing issues that are plaguing the game.

Thankfully, it’s not that long until we see more weapons coming in Black Ops Cold War Season 3.

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