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Black Ops Cold War Player Destroys a Gunship With Semtex

This Black Ops Cold War player may have achieved a world first, by taking out a Gunship with a Semtex grenade.

When it comes to Scorestreaks in Black Ops Cold War, there are none more powerful than the Gunship. For 10,000 points, players can call in the equivalent of an AC-130, raining down tremendous firepower on the enemy forces.

To combat this, players can use launchers to shoot down the Gunship, provided that they can stay alive long enough to use them.

Black Ops Cold War Gunship Semtex
(Source: Activision)

But now one player has disregarded the need for any special secondary weapon. In a new clip, Reddit user goToBedCalvin might just have become the first player to stick a Gunship with Semtex.

Destroying a Gunship With Semtex in Cold War

Gunships are notoriously difficult to hit, being so high up in the air. But that doesn’t stop this Black Ops Cold War player from destroying the enemy Scorestreak with a Semtex grenade.

Of course, under normal circumstances, this would be impossible. Aiming the throw alone would have to be pixel perfect, even if your player’s strength could reach that far.

semtex enemy gunship Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Reddit)

But thanks to a new Fireteam: Dirty Bomb glitch that makes Cold War players fly, the sequence is, in fact, achievable. All goToBedCalvin has to do is approach the Gunship in the air and lob a Semtex in its direction.

This may be the first time a Gunship has ever been stuck by a Semtex grenade. We’re shocked that the ship is even tangible in this interaction.

But after a Semtex and a flurry of bullets, the player is able to take down the enemy Scorestreak in seconds. And what was one of the best Scorestreaks in Black Ops Cold War soon became a pile of rubble.

Interestingly, this strange glitch actually may be giving players our first look at the new Warzone map. It’s certainly unusual to have this amount of broken features in the best selling game of 2020.

After all, it’s not even the only exploit that has Black Ops Cold War players flying through the air.

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