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Black Ops Cold War Daily Challenges are Broken

Black Ops Cold War’s daily challenges are broken and players are angry about it.

Cold War finally got daily challenges as part of the huge Season 1 update. Fans were happy at the announcement but they have been far from perfect.

The challenges are fairly simple, but give nice XP rewards for players who would usually play every day anyway.

Black Ops Cold War Daily Challenges Broken

However, there are a number of issues that are making the challenges harder, or even impossible to complete.

Cold War Daily Challenges are Broken

There isn’t just one glitch affecting daily challenges at the moment. There are a number of bugs that break Cold War daily challenges.

The biggest problem is that many challenges aren’t tracking or stop tracking when partially completed. This can happen with a number of challenges such as playing games in a certain game mode or getting kills with a specific weapon.

There is also an issue where daily challenges are incorrectly marked as completed. This prevents players from completing challenges and earning the XP rewards.

Players are also annoyed that they are not getting new daily challenges when the timer runs out. This means that not only are challenges broken, but they aren’t being replaced either.

Cold War Daily Challenges

It’s bad news for Zombies fans too. The daily challenges for the undead-slaying mode also suffer from the same problems.

The bugs breaking daily challenges aren’t just on one platform either. Players on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC have all reported these issues.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix broken daily challenges. Players will just have to be patient and hope that Treyarch fixes the bugs in a future patch.

danjor92 Reddit

Treyarch has a number of problems to fix in addition to the Cold War’s broken challenges. VTOL jets are the latest scorestreak to have a potentially game-ruining glitch.

Players have also taken matters into their own hands. They have come up with two great suggestions to fix the hated Miami map.

Pro players have also banned this gun from competitive play. You’d hope that Treyarch could fix these problems themselves, but maybe they’re too busy working on these two new secret weapons coming in Cold War Season 1.

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