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Black Ops Cold War Bug Hints at Christmas Nuketown

A new festive bug is bringing a Christmas theme to Black Ops Cold War’s Nuketown ’84.

Black Ops Cold War fans hoping for a Christmas update to the game may well be in luck. After all, one fan appears to have captured footage of Nuketown’s holiday update a little early.

In the past, Call of Duty developers have been known to enjoy the festive season. With maps like Crash getting a Winter makeover, additional cosmetics, and even last year’s snowball fight mode, fans have been wondering what’s in store for Cold War this year.

snowball fight modern warfare
(Source: Activision)

Now, we finally have an idea of what’s to come this holiday season. And it seems that Winter Nuketown ’84 might be on the agenda.

Winter Nuketown ’84 Coming to Cold War?

Thanks to a new Black Ops Cold War bug, we may have seen an early glimpse at the Christmas event in-game. Surfacing online recently, the Winter Nuketown ’84 map appears to be an incoming update later this year.

From what we can see in the gameplay footage, one user’s Nuketown match appears to have bugged out and led to the Christmas decorations appearing early. As for what’s changing in Nuketown ’84… the answer is not much.

Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Christmas
(Source: Treyarch)

Some Christmas lights can be found inside the houses, and there’s a large tree near the center of the map. Aside from that, there really isn’t a lot to see.

It seems that the Cold War is truly anything but, as the scorching Nevada sun is still high in the sky. And with no snow on the ground, this is a step down from the Winter Crash long-time fans might remember.

Of course, these Christmas decorations are only appearing because of a new bug. Perhaps this is the unfinished product, and Winter Nuketown ’84 will be getting further changes before launch.

This isn’t the only visual bug that’s appearing in Black Ops Cold War right now, either. In fact, one player reported that all of Cartel’s bushes went missing in Cold War the other day.

If you’ve not logged in recently, be sure to head back to the game to claim your free Cold War Nuketown weapon bundle. There’s also a double XP promotion currently running, but players report that XP is completely broken in Cold War’s Zombies mode.

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