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Black Ops Cold War Concept Art Proposes Christmas Moscow Map

Black Ops Cold War’s Season 1 update is almost here, bringing with it a Christmas version of Nuketown and Die Maschine. But a new piece of Cold War fan art shows us what we’re missing in Christmas Moscow.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is just about to drop, and it features the largest free content drop the series has ever received. Part of that upcoming DLC is a new Christmas Nuketown map, and a festive Cold War Zombies mode.

But now, two new concept art images are making us jealous. One Reddit user shows us what could have been, with a Christmas take on the Moscow map.

Christmas Nuketown Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Treyarch)

The cold setting is already perfect for a Winter overall, so perhaps Treyarch will utilize the map in next year’s festive season.

Christmas Moscow Map in Black Ops Cold War

In the new concept art, created by Reddit user BraxxIsTheName, the user shows off their take on a Christmas Moscow. The map’s outdoor area is decorated with festive lights, and there’s snow falling all around.

A large wreath also appears in front of the Lenin statue, which is wearing a massive Santa hat. It seems that the Reddit user is dreaming of a Red Christmas this year.

christmas moscow 1 Black Ops Cold War
(Source: BraxxIsTheName)

One Belarusian commenter is quick to point out that the Soviets, and many Eastern-Europeans in general, don’t actually celebrate Christmas. However, New Year’s Eve has many of the same traditions.

In the holiday, known as Novy God, Grandfather Frost brings presents for children to put under the tree. Therefore, this map variant isn’t even that inaccurate culturally.

christmas moscow Black Ops Cold War
(Source: BraxxIsTheName)

However, since Christmas’s celebration was never approved of in Soviet Russia, perhaps it’s best that Treyarch stays clear of map designs like this. After all, a Christmas map is much better placed in the scorching Nevada deserts.

Although it’s not just for the holidays, the Warzone Gulag is also changing in Black Ops Cold War Season 1. But this might not matter to Black Ops Cold War who are reverse boosting to protest SBMM.

A lot of players also hate the Black Ops Cold War Dark Aether camo, prompting a response from Treyarch itself.

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