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Is Black Ops Cold War Camping Worse Than Modern Warfare?

In a new analysis, players are discussing whether Black Ops Cold War actually has worse camping problems than Modern Warfare.

The Call of Duty community is no stranger to camping. For over a decade, players have been complaining about users who camp in a position, waiting for their kills to come to them.

For those uninitiated, camping in a video game is where you hold a position that is either advantageous or hard-to-predict. The idea is that you’ll remain hidden or in decent cover while being able to kill approaching players.

With every new Call of Duty comes complaints about the latest camping spots. But now, fans are discussing whether Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare is ruined more by camping players.

Black Ops Cold War League Play(1)
(Source: Activision)

Of course, the ability to sit in a corner and rack up kills is perfectly possible in either title. But is Black Ops Cold War worse for camping than its predecessor?

Recently, we saw one Warzone streamer get the ultimate revenge on a camping player.

Is Camping Worse in Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare?

In a recent video, YouTuber TheXclusiveAce set out to decide whether Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare is worse for camping. However, despite an in-depth analysis, some fans are taking issues with his findings.

The YouTuber points out that footstep audio is more common in Modern Warfare, due to the popularity of Cold War’s Ninja Perk. While Modern Warfare has Dead Silence as a Field Upgrade, most players will be making noise when they move.

This makes it easier to hear enemies coming, for camping users. Also benefitting campers is Modern Warfare’s Time to Kill (TTK).

Modern Warfare Camping
(Source: Activision)

Because Black Ops Cold War takes longer to kill an enemy in general, there’s more time to react to a camping player. In Modern Warfare, however, you can be dead much more quickly.

What’s more, thanks to the Ghost Perk in Modern Warfare, camping players can avoid ever showing up on UAVs. In Cold War, this was consciously changed so that players need to stay on the move, should they wish to remain hidden.

Partner up the lack of UAV intel with Modern Warfare’s new mounting mechanic and you’re left with a game with a decent camping problem. But Black Ops Cold War has some issues of its own.

Black Ops Cold War Has a Camping Problem

It’s clear that Black Ops Cold War has its fair share of campers too, despite it being less friendly to them. Thanks to the game’s Field Mic, it’s easy to spot incoming players from a mile away.

But there’s one issue that TheXclusiveAce didn’t cover, that Reddit users are up in arms about.

According to new findings by Reddit user Redfern23, some of Cold War’s core mechanics are highly beneficial to camping players. Namely, the ADS speed and sprintout times.

(Source: Activision)

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The time it takes to aim down sights (ADS) in Black Ops Cold War is 200ms. This is roughly double what it used to be in older games, and generally higher than Modern Warfare too.

It also takes 180-250ms to stop sprinting and begin to fire. By contrast, Modern Warfare boasts about 133ms.

Due to these two major factors, it’s far harder to stop running and engage a camping enemy. And this gives those waiting for easy prey quite the advantage.

At the end of the day, it’s unclear which game favors camping more, but both Cold War and Modern Warfare have their issues. If Treyarch wants to ensure camping is no longer an issue, the team should make the game faster in general.

It also doesn’t help that snipers can be so strong in Call of Duty, but not all their kills come from campers. In fact, this insane Black Ops Cold War sniper gets a team wipe in just 3 shots, while on the move.

Camping is only made stronger by Black Ops Cold War’s recent lag spikes too, as a server delay can often cost you the kill.

It’s clear that these issues are at least partially responsible for Black Ops Cold War fans getting sick of the game.

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