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Black Ops Cold War Bug Removes All Bushes From Cartel

Black Ops Cold War players have hated Cartel’s bushes since the game’s Beta. Now a new bug is removing the issue entirely, alongside the foliage.

Cartel is certainly one of Black Ops Cold War’s most notorious maps. The main reason for this stems from a large display of bushes that covers a great deal of area in the map center.

In objective game modes, these bushes often cover up the point entirely, and visibility is at an all-time low. It’s impossible to spot enemies when they’re hiding in the area, and being there feels like a stray bullet could take you out at any moment.

Black Ops Cold War Cartel Bushes
(Source: Treyarch)

Fans have been angry at Treyarch’s map design even before the Cold War was officially released, but now a stray bug shows us what could have been.

Black Ops Cold War Bug Shows Cartel With No Bushes

In a new bug appearing in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer, it appears that Cartel’s bushes are disappearing entirely. The bug was brought to light by Reddit user CapAustria, who reveals what Cartel looks like under all the hedges.

And by all accounts, it actually looks better. The wide-open area outside of Hangar still has adequate cover to move around, without the need for excess greenery.

Black Ops Cold War Cartel Bug
(Source: Reddit)

The Black Ops Cold War subreddit appears to like Cartel’s new look, but some users actually claim to prefer the bushes in-game. After all, many point out that running the Flashlight attachment allows enemies to be spotted, even through bushes.

According to CapAustria, this bug was only a temporary glitch and only effective from certain angles. So Cold War players don’t have to worry about someone taking advantage of the bush-removing bug.

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Black Ops Cold War Cartel Bug
(Source: Reddit)

Right now, players are likely complaining more than usual about Cartel simply because Cold War maps are in short supply. Thankfully, there’s a new Nuketown 24/7 playlist in Black Ops Cold War right now.

Not only are we getting a new map just a couple of weeks after release, but it’s also one of the series’ all-time best revisits to Nuketown. Treyarch also promises that new maps will come in Black Ops Cold War Season 1, which doesn’t give us long to wait.

Also set to drop are 2 new Black Ops Cold War Perks for Multiplayer. And a further 4 new Cold War Zombies Perks are coming with additional undead content in the future.

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