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Strange Black Ops Cold War Bug Is Handing Out Free Scorestreaks

Black Ops Cold War has only been out for a few days, and already one of the most bizarre bugs in the game has been discovered. This Black Ops Cold War streamer discovered a new bug that is handing out free Scorestreaks.

All those dropping in to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be noticing the new changes to the game’s Scorestreak system. Scorestreaks replace the classic Call of Duty Killstreak system, where players earn rewards based on the number of kills they’re able to rack up in a single life.

Black Ops Cold War Free Scorestreaks Bug

Now, rewards drop based on a player’s score, with points carrying over even after dying. But whether you’re a fan of Scorestreaks or not, there’s a new bug in Cold War that you should know about.

Black Ops Cold War Bug Gives Players Free Scorestreaks

A new bug in the Scorestreaks system is causing chaos in Black Ops Cold War by giving out free Scorestreaks to players. In a new clip from streamer DiamondRyce, we can see this issue in action.

While playing on Satellite, the streamer changes his Class after dying. This is a relatively normal action, but its timing could have led to the issue at hand.

(Source: Treyarch)

The game informs DiamondRyce about an enemy chopper in the air, but the Attack Helicopter on the map is friendly. Turning to look at the vehicle, the streamer sees the enemy helicopter explode, and he even gets points for contributing.

What’s more, now there’s a friendly Attack Helicopter in the air, and the game believes it belongs to him. As DiamondRyce voices his confusion, we see that the streamer is now earning points for the new Scorestreak.

This means that the game appears to have given the Black Ops Cold War player a free Scorestreak. This isn’t the only example of a free reward being given to Cold War players that we’ve heard of either.

In fact, one of GamingIntel’s own writers has experienced a similar issue in-game. Although there’s no footage of the glitch, the Call of Duty fan was granted a free Care Package, despite not even having the Scorestreak equipped.

We’re sure that no players are complaining about a free Scorestreak being thrown in their directions. But if an enemy player had their Scorestreak stolen for this, then that’s not an ideal bug to have in your game.

Of course, it’s only natural that there would be a few bugs in a game at launch. At least we’re yet to hear about Black Ops Cold War players wall-glitching for easy kills again.

Getting free Scorestreaks would be another great way to rank up fast in Black Ops Cold War, were it consistent. Unfortunately, we’re still not sure how to replicate this strange glitch.

This is far from the only Black Ops Cold War error, but it’s the first one to be so helpful.

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