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Black Ops Cold War Broken Sliding Exploit Leads to Major Speed Boost

As if Black Ops Cold War’s Beta wasn’t having enough issues, now a major sliding exploit is giving players a huge speed boost.

The Black Ops Cold War Beta has barely launched and already players are finding game-breaking exploits. With a new technique, users can zoom around the map in seconds.

Black Ops Cold War’s sliding mechanic was heavily criticized even in its Alpha form. Now we’re in the Beta, it seems that the system is even more broken than we initially feared.

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer
(Source: Treyarch)

Not only does sliding in Cold War lead to a short burst of speed, but players have already discovered a way to chain these boosts together. The result is an enemy soldier who can fly towards your team at top speed.

With only a month left until launch, Treyarch needs to work on fixing this issue as a top priority. However, the developer currently has its hands full, and it might be a while before this actually gets a fix.

Cold War’s Broken Sliding Exploit

Those familiar with Call of Duty might have already come across the term “slide-canceling”. In Modern Warfare, this term refers to a movement exploit that allows players to slide while immediately leaving their weapon ready to fire.

Now, it seems that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War might also have slide-canceling present, in a much more severe manner. A new way to perform the exploit is present in the game’s Beta, and it looks more broken than ever.

In a new video that has recently come to light thanks to user madvillainydoom on Twitter, we can see the “new movement meta”.

By slide-canceling and jumping before sliding once more, Cold War players can now maintain momentum endlessly. The Twitter user tagged a number of high-profile players in the footage, in an effort to get the issue fixed.

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This might be the optimal way to traverse the map at present, but it’s by no means a fun experience. If everyone is suddenly taking advantage of the new movement mechanic, Call of Duty will feel like a far more gimmick-filled experience.

How to Perform the Cold War Slide Exploit

In the Twitter comments, YouTuber nuttymaggs reveals that he put up a video on October 8, detailing the process. Here, the Black Ops Cold War fan shows off the mechanic he calls a “double slide cancel”.

He also points out some powerful uses for the technique. It seems that the Cold War slide exploit can be done sideways, around corners, and even up stairs.

At the moment, it seems that Treyarch has more than enough on their plate when it comes to fixing the Beta. Besides slide-canceling, the development team should note that Black Ops Cold War has increased TTK and players aren’t happy.

Fans are also taking issue with the heavily-implemented Skill-Based Matchmaking, and many have started reverse boosting to bypass it.

As it turns out, even DrDisrespect is reverse boosting to enjoy Black Ops Cold War. This serves to show just how much of an issue SBMM must be in the upcoming game.

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