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How to Fix Black Ops Cold War ‘Blackout Trial’ Bug

Black Ops Cold War just got a new update, and it’s completely breaking the title altogether for some users. According to new reports, a new bug referencing a ‘Blackout Trial’ appears when loading Cold Warhere’s how to fix it.

To say that Black Ops Cold War’s release has been messy would be an understatement. In fact, it’s quite clear that the game is still in its Beta testing period.

Although players were excited about the huge new Black Ops Cold War update dropping today, many will not get a chance to experience it. This is because remnants of Black Ops 4 are appearing in Cold War and making the game unplayable.

Cold War Blackout Trial Bug
(Source: Treyarch)

According to users online, opening the game on Xbox Series X and S is currently a recipe for disaster. On top of Cold War sometimes bricking Xbox consoles, the game will now simply refuse to open.

Black Ops Cold War ‘Blackout Trial’ Bug

When opening their copy of Black Ops Cold War on Xbox devices, players are now faced with a message that claims their Blackout Trial has ended. In a screen that is evidently taken straight from Treyarch’s previous Black Ops title, the game requests that players purchase the full version of their game to continue.

Black Ops Cold War Blackout Trial Ended Fix
(Source: Treyarch)

What’s particularly shocking about this Blackout Trial bug, is that it’s locking players out of their $60-70 game. On top of that, it’s clearer than ever that Black Ops Cold War was a rush job if it’s referencing the long-dead Blackout battle royale.

When selecting the option to buy the full version, the game leads to a black screen. At least this means that nobody will be spending additional money on the broken game, but it does keep users locked out of their rightful content.

However, if you’re encountering this issue, we have a fix for you.

How to Fix Blackout Trial Issue in Black Ops Cold War

In a new update from a Black Ops Cold War fan, we learn how to get around the Blackout Trial bug. According to the user, you’ll need to head into the game’s settings to fix the problem.

From the Xbox Dashboard, select Manage Game and Add-Ons. In here, you’ll find that it should say ‘6 of 6 items installed.’

Clicking on this section should reveal some additional content packs that you can manually install. Once this is done, the Blackout Trial bug should no longer pop up when opening the game.

It’s a ridiculous bug for players to be encountering in a next-gen title, but Black Ops Cold War has more than a few ridiculous bugs. Just the other day, we spotted a bug that made Cold War players’ legs run away without their bodies.

Hopefully, this bug will get a fix before the leaked Black Ops Cold War Season 1 content drops. However, players are starting to lose some real faith in the game’s developer.

Depending on how Activision’s upcoming changes to Cold War SBMM go, this could be a turning point for the title. We’d hate to see a new Call of Duty die before it even hits Season 2, but that’s the way the game is heading.

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