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Black Ops Cold War Balancing Issues Are Causing Major Problems

Black Ops Cold War's balancing issue has been a hugely frustrating issue for many players. The problem is becoming so bad that the community is angrily voicing their concerns about the game.

Black Ops Cold War's weapon balancing issue is becoming quite the problem for players. Many are finding that some weapons are going underused due to the fact there are overpowered guns to use instead.

Interestingly, the COD community has uncovered a rather interesting finding with regards to what other players think of Cold War's balancing issue. Here is what is spoiling Cold War for many players.

Black Ops Cold War Weapon Balancing Issue

Black Ops Cold War's balancing issue is starting to become a really serious problem for the state of the game. Right now, there are some guns that are performing much better than others.

Currently, the XM4 is extremely overpowered according to many Call of Duty pro players. However, there are other weapons and attachments which can cause devastating damage.

The COD community has been eagerly discussing this problem and a few key issues have been found. Interestingly, the main issue seems to be how the community is reacting to Cold War's balancing issues.

Black Ops Cold War League Play
(Source: Activision)

Whenever a discussion is raised regarding Cold War's balancing issues, it is quickly shut down by other players. Interestingly, it appears that many do not want to see changes to their overpowered weapons.

In fact, there are many things players want from Black Ops Cold War. Most recently, Cold War players have asked for the return of the key feature from previous Black Ops installments.

A recent Reddit post has shined a light on this issue. According to some users whenever the problem is raised, players are quick to downvote and try and underplay overpowered weapon's performance.

In reality, there are huge problems with many weapons in Black Ops Cold War. It is clear that many changes are needed in order to fully balance the game for players.

Sadly, what is frustrating players the most is the community attempting to hide this fact. Amongst some of the overpowered weapons are Cold War's Akimbo Magnum build.

Black Ops Cold War - Season 2 Content Update

Cold War Season 2 is well underway and players have a lot to experience in the latest update. However, Cold War's weapon balancing issue remains a key problem.

Interestingly, the issue is even affecting Warzone players. There is a huge problem with Cold War guns in Warzone at the moment which is ruining the Battle Royale experience for players.

In a recent Reddit post, one user discovered that a player was defending the performance of the AK-74u. The user claimed that the AK-74u and Stoner 63 were "easy to counter".

Upon checking the user's PlayStation profile it was revealed that the AK-74u and Stoner 63 are amongst the user's top weapons. It appears that some are keen to downplay the issue to continue to exploit this problem.

Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Activision)

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If you are wondering what the Cold War Season 2 end date is and when Season 3 begins, you can take a look here for more information. There are sure to be some major changes to the game with Season 3.

Interestingly, Cold War Zombies TranZit Remake may have been leaked for the start of Season 3. Zombies fans will have a brand new and expanded experience for Outbreak mode in the new season.

Furthermore, you may also want to check out Black Ops Cold War's March 8 patch notes, for a full list of everything that has changed.

If you are interested in checking out the Reddit post on Cold War's weapon balancing issue, you can take a look right here.

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