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Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Update 1.10 Patch Notes (Mid-Season One)

Black Ops Cold War’s 1.10 update brings a whole load of new content.

Black Ops Cold War’s new 1.10 Mid-Season update will be introducing a whole load of new content for players. Warzone should also be getting the 1.31 patch to introduce some of this new content to Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

The patch has been available to download for a couple of days now, but the content will be going live at 10AM PT. Be sure to download the update in advance so you can experience all of the new content as soon as the update goes live.

The new update also coincides with a Double XP Event coming to Cold War and Warzone.

New Fireteam Map: Sanatorium

Firstly, Black Ops Cold War’s 1.10 update will let players parachute into the new Sanatorium Map.

Centered around a gargantuan concrete Sanatorium, players will scramble to arm and set off dirty bombs in the surrounding area.

The map also features a new Tactical Raft vehicle that players can hop in at the docks and use to speed across a huge lake.

This is rumored to be part of the leaked map coming to Warzone.

Black Ops Cold War Mid-Season Update

New 6v6 Multiplayer Mode: Dropkick

Dropkick is a high-stakes fight over nuclear launch codes which are kept in a locked briefcase. Teams must rush to the briefcase and keep it in their team’s possession to unlock it.

The briefcase carrier can’t use their normal guns but instead gets a super-powered pistol to blast through enemies with.

Temas gain points for possessing the briefcase. The team which gets to 200 wins the game and uses the launch codes to set off a nuke.

New Cold War Zombies Mode: Cranked

Cranked is even more high stakes than your standard game of Zombies. Players have a timer that can only be reset by killing the undead.

Players explode if their timer runs out. Try to obtain the Cranked power-up to give yourself a moment of respite from all the zombie slaying.

Players might also be fighting the undead on a new map. Have a look at these new map teaser images.

New Zombies Onslaught Map & Intel: Raid

The Zombies Onslaught game mode will now be playable on Raid. The beloved map was added into Cold War at the beginning of Season 1 and players will surely be happy to see it come into Zombies.

For fans of the Cold War Zombies storyline, there will also be new intel to be found.

New weapon: Wakizashi sword

The traditional Japanese Wakizashi will be the second blade to come to Black Ops Cold War.

It will be interesting to see how different it is to the combat knife, or whether it is just a different skin. At least we know that it’ll look super cool.

Visit the Treyarch website to read the whole preview for the 1.10 Mid-Season update.

Unfortunately, the highly requested ranked mode isn’t part of the new update. However, Treyarch has confirmed that Cold War will finally be getting a ranked mode.

Black Ops Cold War have also been asking for this fan-favorite mode back. It would be a great addition to the game.

However, it might be better for Treyarch to focus on this huge problem first. Cold War has a huge problem with hit registration that needs to be fixed.

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