Black Ops 6 is totally overhauling movement in Call of Duty with a number of new systems that should make traversal more fluid and precise – here’s how they work!

Movement has always been an important part of Call of Duty, but as the skill of players has increased over the past few years, it has become more integral than ever.

Fortunately, Black Ops 6 will have a number of new movement systems which players can use to maneuver around opposing Operators. Here are the new systems and how they work!

Black Ops 6 Soldiers Fighting in Liberty Plaza


Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will feature the new ‘omnimovement’ system, which allows players to sprint, dive, and slide in every direction.

Furthermore, prone has been improved so players can now move 360 degrees when lying on the ground.

This will make the gameplay in Black Ops 6 faster and more complex than any previous Call of Duty title, which will be great for highly skilled players.

Intelligent Movement

The new intelligent movement system in Black Ops 6 is a set of togglable features that simplify sprinting, mantling and crouching.

There are three settings that players can switch on to allow automatic sprinting, mantling and crouching. Each of these settings are separate from each other, so players can equip any combination of the three, or none, depending on their play style.

The gif from Treyarch below shows how intelligent movement can allow traversal of terrain on a map without any additional button presses.

Corner Slicing

Finally, corner slicing is a brand-new system that automatically leans weapons as players ADS when moving around corners.

This should make peeking around corners much easier than previous Call of Duty games without slowing down the gameplay or requiring additional button presses.

That’s all we know about the impressive new movement systems in Black Ops 6 so far. However, we will hear more about it later in the year in a multiplayer deep dive.

In the meantime, here’s everything we know about Black Ops 6 multiplayer so far!

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