Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is set to be our next COD Zombies experience, and we’ve compiled a list of everything we know about the mode so far.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the follow-up to Black Ops Cold War Zombies ever since it concluded in late 2021.

Unfortunately, many users saw Call of Duty Vanguard’s Zombies experience as a disappointment. Although Modern Warfare 3 Zombies (MWZ) was off to a good start, the mode was all but abandoned shortly after launch.

Now Treyarch, master of the COD Zombies experience, is back at the helm for Black Ops 6. And we’re likely in for the best undead survival mode we’ve had in years!

Is Black Ops 6 Zombies Confirmed?

Yes, Zombies was confirmed during the Black Ops 6 Direct, as part of the Xbox Games Showcase.

The mode was initially teased using a brief teaser sent to content creators as part of the pre-reveal marketing.

It wasn’t a surprise to see the mode make a return – after all, every COD title developed by Treyarch features a Zombies experience.

And as if that wasn’t enough evidence, a new Zombie Frank Woods skin is a pre-order bonus for Black Ops 6!

Black Ops 6 Frank Woods Pre-Order Bonus Skins
Black Ops 6 Frank Woods Pre-Order Bonus Skins

Is Black Ops 6 Zombies Round-Based?

Yes, like in all previous Black Ops titles, Black Ops 6 Zombies is confirmed to be a return to round-based gameplay.

The recent move away from round-based Zombies modes has been controversial among the fans, who are calling for the traditional style to return.

Black Ops 6 Zombies on Terminus Island

However, Activision has also been experimenting with open-world Zombie experiences lately, both in Cold War’s Outbreak mode and in MWZ.

Given the latter mode’s popularity, being announced as the ‘most engaging third mode’ in Modern Warfare history, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more open-world Zombies content soon.

How Many Maps At Launch?

Although Black Ops Cold War had only a single launch map, Die Maschine, Treyarch has confirmed that Black Ops 6 will have two Zombies maps available on release day!

The two maps, Terminus and Liberty Falls, will be available as soon as Black Ops 6 launches on October 25.

Black Ops 6 Zombies Attacking

Activision didn’t reveal much about the upcoming Zombies maps during the Black Ops Direct, but teased the biggest and best undead survival mode yet.

In the meantime, though, here’s what leaks have to say about the upcoming Zombies maps:

Map 1: Terminus

The first Black Ops 6 Zombies map, Terminus, is set on an island, expected to be located off the coast of Japan. This is likely the island that Peck was trying to locate during the final cutscene of Cold War Zombies.

Alongside the usual doors to open and wallbuys to make use of, the map appears to contain cannons that players can use as a trap.

Cannon Trap in Black Ops 6

Speaking of traps, references to an ‘arrow trap’ were also found in code strings, indicating another way that we can hinder the zombie hordes.

A tentacle trap is also said to be present on the map, which we initially thought could hint at the presence of a Kraken. However, given that a ‘tentacle dog’ was also found in the files, it could have to do with this instead.

Finally, the island map features a port, as well as an elevator that leads to an underground cellblock area.

Underground Cellblock on Terminus Island Black Ops 6

Like Die Maschine, this map may appear simple on the surface before leading to a much larger mystery beneath the island.

Map 2: Liberty Falls

The second Black Ops 6 Zombies map is Liberty Falls. This map was leaked to be set in a city in West Virginia, which features a bank and a chapel among its buildings.

Interestingly, one of the Black Ops 6 Multiplayer maps, Liberty Plaza, is likely the shopping district that features in this city.

Liberty Plaza in Black Ops 6

Around the map, players should find machines that can be activated, though their uses are currently unknown.

However, leakers have reported that the Liberty Falls map already has indication of both a Wonder Weapon quest and an Easter Egg Main Quest for players to complete.

In addition, the map will also support mini-objectives, and may also feature enemy soldiers as well as the undead to contend with.

GobbleGum Returns

On May 29, 2024, a leak revealed all editions and pre-order bonuses for Black Ops 6.

And one of the things that stood out the most was the return of GobbleGums, a Zombies mechanic we haven’t seen since Black Ops 3.

Now, the controversial candy mechanic returns in Black Ops 6, and we’re not sure how to feel about it just yet.

Black Ops 6 Vault Edition GobbleGum

GobbleGum can make your Black Ops Zombies run more entertaining and varied, but the last time we saw them, the consumables were locked behind a gacha system.

Seeing mention of GobbleGum being locked behind a specific edition of Black Ops 6 is concerning, but hopefully, the candy will be unlockable for all players in-game!

Can You Get Early Access to Black Ops 6 Zombies?

Yes, leaks indicate that you will be able to get early access to Black Ops 6 Zombies by pre-ordering the game.

This is currently unconfirmed by Activision, but leaks have reported that players who pre-order the game will get access to both the Campaign and Zombies modes for Black Ops 6 early.

And while this has not been announced just yet, it’s worth noting that the PlayStation Store may have already leaked the early access ahead of its reveal.

Black Ops 6 Standard Edition Artwork
Black Ops 6 Standard Edition Artwork

This early access is set for October 17, one week ahead of the October 25, 2024 release date.

MW2 (2022) and MW3 (2023) featured Campaign early access as a pre-order bonus, but it appears that the experience may be upgraded this time.

The Storyline

As for where the Black Ops 6 Zombies storyline will take us, we do have a few clues that could help point us in the right direction.

For a start, Black Ops 6 seems to take place in 1990, which is five years after the conclusion of Cold War’s Zombies storyline.

Cold War’s final Zombies map, Forsaken, was set in 1985. In its conclusion, Samantha Maxis held back the Forsaken, preventing it from escaping from the Dark Aether and eventually sacrificing herself to close the rift between dimensions.

Eddie Richtofen in Black Ops Cold War Zombies Final Cutscene

Her fate is left unclear, as the Forsaken is contained by Requiem.

The strike team is then arrested at the orders of its own Director, who is revealed to be longtime Zombies antagonist Edward Richtofen.

In a post-credits scene, we see Peck returning five years later in 1990, the same year as Black Ops 6 is set to take place.

William Peck in Cold War Zombies Post-Credits Teaser

He asks to chart a boat to a small island off the coast of Japan, claiming to be searching for ‘some old friends.’

What this means is unclear, but it’s a clear setup of things to come in Black Ops 6. Are Peck’s old friends the Requiem strike team members, or is he searching for something else?

Treyarch confirms that it’s picking up the Dark Aether storyline right where it left it, so we’re certain to get answers before long.

It appears that we’ll be going up against Richtofen once again in the upcoming Zombies storyline! As for what exactly he’s planning this time, we’ll have to wait and see.

We’ll keep you updated with all the latest Black Ops 6 Zombies developments as they continue to arrive!

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