Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will almost certainly be launching alongside a new 2024 Warzone map, and fans might have found it already!

Activision is yet to reveal any details about how Black Ops 6 will integrate into Warzone, but the Battle Royale is confirmed to be getting new content with COD 2024.

Most likely, that means a new map is coming to the popular game, replacing MW3’s Urzikstan. This will likely arrive at the end of the year, shortly after Black Ops 6’s launch.

And now, we may already be able to check out the new Black Ops 6 x Warzone map a little early!

Is This a New Warzone Map for Black Ops 6?

As part of the Black Ops 6 event in Call of Duty Warzone, players need to visit a submarine that occasionally spawns off the coast of Rebirth Island.

It didn’t take fans long to spot a suspicious reference to ‘Avalon,’ which many players believe could be Activision hinting at an upcoming Warzone map.

Black Ops 6 Evidence Board in Warzone

The other locations listed are thought to be areas where Black Ops 6’s Campaign could take place, but this fictional location certainly stands out.

Then, in Black Ops 6 Direct, we get a look at this map, labeled Avalon. It reveals what appears to be a large-scale landmass split down the center by a winding river.

Avalon in Black Ops 6 Gameplay Presentation

After some clever warping, Discord user Cassian managed to give us a clear look at Avalon as it appears head-on.

Avalon Battle Royale Map in Black Ops 6
Source: GeekyPastimes

Also in the Black Ops 6 gameplay reveal, we get a look at a Multiplayer killstreak being called in, and it certainly looks as though the 6v6 map being played on could be a small section of Avalon itself!

After all, the river splitting two sections of the map looks very similar to Avalon’s layout.

What’s more, one of the structures visible in the gameplay reveal can also be seen on Avalon’s map.

It doesn’t look to be part of the 6v6 map’s playable area and, as COD YouTuber GeekyPastimes rightfully points out, looks a little too detailed to be just a background.

Avalon Multiplayer Map in Black Ops 6

Therefore, it appears likely that at least one of Black Ops 6’s Multiplayer maps will be featured in a larger-scale Warzone arena.

Activision does like to hint at upcoming Warzone maps to keep fans on their toes. But will this new map actually be part of a new Warzone experience?

What About Verdansk?

Early rumors suggested that Verdansk would be coming back in Black Ops 6, and this was made much more likely when MW3 released.

After all, during the 2023 release’s campaign, we see what looks to be a full remake of Warzone’s first map, which indicates that Verdansk will almost certainly return in the coming months.

But does this mean that the teased Black Ops 6 map will be a second full-sized BR map, something that Warzone has never had in the past?

Open Combat Mission Ghost in MW3
Ghost at the Verdansk Dam in Modern Warfare 3’s Campaign

Other Battle Royale titles such as PUBG or Apex Legends have allowed several maps to remain in rotation, by swapping them out regularly. However, Warzone’s staggering file size seems to be a major reason why Activision could never make this work previously.

On the other hand, perhaps the Black Ops 6 map in question is a smaller-size resurgence map. Or could Avalon be a map present in a larger Multiplayer mode, such as Cold War’s Fireteam: Dirty Bomb, or MW3’s War playlist?

Only time will tell, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest details right here. More details are certain to arrive at COD NEXT 2024, so don’t miss the show!

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