A new listing for Black Ops 6 on the PlayStation Store has teased more about the story of the game’s campaign!

While Call of Duty is primarily all about multiplayer firefights, the series is also known for its action-packed campaigns.

The Black Ops games, in particular, have explosive storylines full of twists and turns and are set in iconic conflicts throughout history.

Black Ops 6 Wolves Logo

With 2024’s Call of Duty being Black Ops 6, hopes are high for the game’s campaign. This is especially the case as it looks like it will continue where Black Ops Cold War left off.

So far, the only official information we have about the campaign comes from the live-action Black Ops 6 reveal trailer. However, a number of hints about the game’s story have now dropped, with the latest being from a PlayStation Store listing.

New Black Ops 6 Campaign Teaser Reveals Adler’s Involvement

The PlayStation Store listing for Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 includes a description that teases what will be happening in the game’s campaign. It says:

“Forced to go rogue. Hunted from within.”

Without context, it is difficult to determine what this teaser is pointing to. However, we’ve got a very good idea about what this hint is suggesting.

Black Ops 6 Russell Adler

The new Black Ops 6 missions in Warzone reveal that Russell Adler is now wanted by the CIA. He is a suspected mole, and the wanted posters around Urzikstan suggest that he is on the run from the CIA.

Therefore, we believe that the “Forced to go rogue. Hunted from within” tagline is describing Adler.

Currently, we don’t know whether Adler was actually a mole or whether he was being set up. However, we expect that he will play an integral part in the Black Ops 6 campaign.

You could play as a character who is tracking down Adler or as Adler himself while he’s on the run from the CIA. The gameplay could even be a bit of both to get two perspectives on the story!

While there’s still plenty of time to speculate, we will certainly know more about Black Ops 6’s story soon. Be sure to watch the live Call of Duty Direct presentation on June 9 so you can find out more about the game’s campaign!

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