New hints about Russell Adler’s status in the Black Ops 6 story have been revealed through some Warzone Easter Eggs!

Activision is using the battle royale title Warzone to get fans excited for its upcoming release, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

Ahead of the huge Black Ops 6 Direct presentation on June 9, teasers about the game’s story are being dropped in Warzone. And the most exciting teasers pertain to Russell Adler – who may be an unexpected villain in the game!

Black Ops 6 Russell Adler

Warzone Teaers Reveal Adler is the CIA Mole in Black Ops 6

We have already seen a glimpse of Adler in Black Ops 6, but the new teasers from the Black Ops 6 challenges in Warzone give fans an idea about how he will be involved in the game’s story.

Call of Duty player @Prometheus236 found wanted posters featuring Adler in the Zlatyev Array and Kadurin Silo POIs in Urzikstan. These wanted posters say:

“Wanted for crimes against the United States Government, the capture and death of US personnel and materials to support foreign regimes and organizations hostile to the United States.”

Furthermore, you can find the Daily Briefing Director Daniel Livingstone document in the bunker below Talanov Outpost. This gives you even more information about Adler.

By pressing square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox), you will get the following message:

“Orders from Livingstone. Bring in the traitor Adler.”

Daniel Livingstone seems to be a new character in Black Ops 6 and is the director of the CIA.

These hints, alongside the tagline “Forced to go rogue. Hunted from within.” from the PlayStation Store listing of Black Ops 6, reveal that Adler is thought to be the CIA mole. Therefore, the story in the game will likely revolve around tracking down Adler!

However, only time will tell whether this is actually the case or how big an impact it’ll have on the story.

Fortunately, the campaign in Black Ops 6 looks like it’ll pick up right where Black Ops Cold War left off. Find out everything we know about the Call of Duty Black Ops 6 campaign so you’re up to date with the story so far!

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