Split-screen has been a long-running staple of the Call of Duty franchise, but will it return in Black Ops 6?

If you’re hoping to drop into Call of Duty 2024 with a friend in local Multiplayer, you must might be in luck.

After all, Activision is already confirming that split-screen will be present in Black Ops 6 – but not all users will be able to experience it!

Does Black Ops 6 Have Split-Screen?

Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 does support split-screen on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

However, split-screen will not be possible on Xbox One and PS4, the older generation of consoles.

“Split-screen gameplay (two players sharing a screen) for Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will be available on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. To ensure performance integrity, split-screen gameplay will not be supported on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.”

Activision Support

The publisher claims that this is to ensure performance integrity, which makes sense given that the developer’s previous release, Black Ops Cold War, had notoriously buggy split-screen.

Adler Shooting on Motorcycle Black Ops 6

Interestingly, MW3 does contain split-screen Multiplayer, even on last-gen systems. Perhaps with the addition of Black Ops 6’s always-online texture streaming, older consoles simply can’t handle the extra load.

What About PC Players?

Unfortunately, split-screen will not be available on PC for Black Ops 6.

Although Activision left PC out of its official split-screen announcement, the mode has been missing from every Call of Duty PC release since 2015’s Black Ops 3.

For whatever reason, the publisher never allows PC players to experience split-screen in modern Call of Duty titles.

Black Ops 6 Gas Mask Soldier Holding MP5

What Modes Feature Split-Screen?

Activision has not announced which Black Ops 6 modes will feature split-screen functionality, though it is extremely likely that two players on the same system will be able to play online Multiplayer together.


Split-screen should be available for both local and online Multiplayer, as is usually the case for Call of Duty titles.


However, we do not expect the Black Ops 6 Campaign to support split-screen. This functionality has not been seen since Black Ops 3 back in 2015.


It also isn’t likely that Black Ops 6’s Zombies mode will feature split-screen gameplay.

Although a lack of local multiplayer Zombies hasn’t officially been confirmed, it’s worth mentioning that Cold War Zombies split-screen was buggy for many players, and Vanguard Zombies was even more broken.

Split-screen did not return for MW3 Zombies, and odds are, we may already have seen the last of it where the undead survival mode is concerned. However, we’ll wait for an announcement from Treyarch before dashing our hopes entirely.

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