Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is set to introduce a new Omnimovement mechanic that will change the series forever – but will it come to Warzone?

Every year, a different developer tries its hand at creating a brand-new COD title, which often leads to the release feeling—at its core—like its own distinct game.

Now Black Ops 6 is set to introduce a new Omnimovement mechanic that gives players more freedom of movement than ever before.

But will Call of Duty’s battle royale title, Warzone, also receive the new mechanic?

Will Omnimovement Come to Warzone?

Yes, Black Ops 6’s new Omnimovement system will not only be coming to the premium Call of Duty title, it’ll also arrive in Warzone!

In the official Black Ops 6 reveal blog, Activision refers to Omnimovement as a ‘global innovation’ that redefines how players will move ‘across the entire game.’

The publisher didn’t discuss its battle royale much during its blog post, but Yale Miller, Director of Production, reportedly confirmed to Screen Rant that Omnimovement will come to Warzone.

Sprinting to the Side Using Omnimovement in Black Ops 6
Sprinting to the Side Using Omnimovement in Black Ops 6

Treyarch has officially confirmed that Black Ops 6 will be bringing in new Warzone content, and the developer is already teasing its first new map.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Warzone’s movement change with the introduction of a new premium release.

When MW3 brought with it new movement changes, such as an updated mantle system, the ability to fire while sliding, and the reintroduction of slide-canceling, all the new features arrived in Warzone alongside Season 1.

We expect the same thing to happen again with Black Ops 6, which means fans can expect Omnimovement to arrive alongside a new Warzone map when Season 1 arrives later this year.

Omnimovement Explained

For those still unclear as to what exactly the mechanic entails, Omnimovement is one of Black Ops 6’s brand-new movement systems that will change the way players enjoy Call of Duty forever.

With Omnimovement, Black Ops 6 players will be able to sprint, slide, and even dive in any direction. This will allow Operators to move rapidly, regardless of which way they’re facing.

Diving in Omnidirectional Movement Black Ops 6

For the first time ever, players can move quickly without turning their heads and even launch themselves into a dive mid-gunfight.

What’s more, prone soldiers can even rotate a full 360 degrees while in the air or lying on the ground.

Omnimovement Laying Prone Black Ops 6

This new feature makes Black Ops 6 feel even more like an action movie, while offering a whole new level of complexity in combat.

We’re sure many fans are excited about Omnimovement and the possibilities it brings, but they’ll need to wait until Black Ops 6’s Open Beta test to try it for themselves.

And there are a lot more exciting features arriving in Black Ops 6 Multiplayer too!

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