Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is almost here, but will this year’s shooter be able to be played offline, or is COD 2024 online-only?

Some of the most fun we’ve ever had with Call of Duty has been while playing offline. We’re sure the same is true for many longtime fans of the franchise, thanks to split-screen Campaign, local Multiplayer, or offline Zombies modes.

However, Activision is making a major change to how users can play Black Ops 6. At least we’ll always have the memories…

Can You Play Black Ops 6 Offline?

No, Activision has officially confirmed that a constant internet connection will be needed in order to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

In the FAQs over on the publisher’s website, Activision reports that a ‘continuous internet connection’ will be required to play any mode in Black Ops 6:

“To deliver the highest-quality visuals while also reducing the game’s overall storage space on your hard drive, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will use texture streaming across all game modes. This means you’ll need a continuous internet connection to play any game mode, including campaign.”

For the first time ever, it appears that Black Ops 6 will be fully unplayable offline, which Activision claims is simply to save on hard drive space.

Adler in Black Ops 6 Multiplayer

But this could also mean that the game will one day be completely unplayable, when the title’s servers go offline for good.

Do You Need PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live?

Despite Black Ops 6’s always-online requirement, console players will not need PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live (now called Game Pass Core) to play Call of Duty’s single-player modes.

You will not need an active subscription service of any kind in order to play the Black Ops 6 Campaign, however it’s worth noting that Activision doesn’t specify if Zombies will require one.

Can You Play Black Ops 6 Campaign Offline?

No, the Black Ops 6 Campaign will require a continuous internet connection in order to be playable.

Despite this, you will not need a PlayStation Plus or Game Pass Core membership in order to access the single-player mode.

Black Ops 6 Woods in a Wheelchair

Can You Play Black Ops 6 Multiplayer Offline?

No, as usual, Black Ops 6 Multiplayer will require an internet connection, as well as a PlayStation Plus or Game Pass membership for console users.

Even local Multiplayer will require users to maintain an internet connection, due to the game’s use of texture streaming to improve visual fidelity.

Black Ops 6 Multiplayer Sliding and Diving

Can You Play Black Ops 6 Zombies Offline?

No, it appears that Black Ops 6 Zombies will require a constant internet connection due to texture-streaming being utilized.

Activision is yet to confirm whether or not you’ll need PlayStation Plus or Game Pass Core to access even single-player Zombies content.

Black Ops 6 Zombies Attacking

However, regardless of your game mode of choice, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will need you to be connected to the internet at all times.

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